Ladies and gentlemen of America, Nov. 6 is only days away and your country is calling you!

Donald Trump: “We trust in God, Protect Freedom of Worship, Believe in the Power of Prayer”

By —— Bio and Archives--October 28, 2018

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Donald Trump: “We trust in God, Protect Freedom of Worship, Believe in the Power of Prayer”
Picture President Donald Trump making his way waist-high through a vile and treacherous swamp, Home Office of the Deep State.  Is that a tree stump up ahead, or a camouflaged crocodile lying in wait?

You won’t know until what you may have mistaken for a harmless tree stump clamps its teeth into you,  getting a grip good enough for the drowning finale.

There are many creatures of different stripes who loiter in the swamp, where so many booby traps lie in wait.


In the past three days alone, an alleged maker of pipe bombs media-dubbed the ‘MAGA Bomber’, owner of a white van they call the ‘TrumpMobile’—who purportedly loves Trump— sent packaged pipe bombs to top Democrats,  and an alleged anti-Semitic Synagogue killer,—who purportedly hates Trump— struck in Pittsburgh, Pa., killing 11 and wounding another 6.

Has the world gone haywire overnight,  or is something else afoot?

There are 9 infernally long days to get through before Midterms with many in the masses out there wondering: “What’s next?”

It’s no longer a matter of the assassination of Donald Trump being the sole province of conspiracy theory when a plethora of hate-spewers in the Entertainment industry keep openly wishing him dead;  ‘comedians’ have sent pictures of his severed head viral; witches and wizards continue to cast hexes on him,  and at the same time news of the so-called MAGA Bomber struck, the New York Times was slammed by the Secret Service for its fictional Trump assassination story, condemning it as “outrageous” and an “insult”.

“The U.S. Secret Service slammed The New York Times on Friday for a fictional account of President Trump being gunned down by a Russian assassin with a Glock belonging to his own security detail, in a short story dubbed “assassination fantasy” by critics. (Fox News, Oct. 26, 208)

“While we understand this is a work of fiction, the insinuation that the U.S. Secret Service would participate in the assassination of a President is outrageous and an insult to the men and women of this agency. The U.S. Secret Service prides itself on being an apolitical agency with a long and distinguished history of protecting our nation’s elected officials,” a Secret Service spokesperson told Fox News.


“The Times Book Review section published a series of short stories Tuesday that dreamed up possible outcomes of the Robert Mueller probe and explored Trump’s relationship with Russia.

“One of the stories on the Times’ online Book Review page—to be published in Sunday’s print edition—is titled, “How it Ends,” by Zoe Sharp – a chilling story about a drunken Russian’s plot to murder the president with a Makarov pistol. Sharp’s particular story doesn’t mention Trump by name, but it’s no secret as the collection of stories is headlined, “Five novelists imagine Trump’s next chapter.”

“The Russian waited until they were a few steps past before he drew the gun. He sighted on the center of the president’s back, and squeezed the trigger,” Sharp wrote. “The Makarov misfired.”

“Then came the twist in Sharp’s fantasy. The failed assassination attempt resulted in the disappointed Russian tasting failure and waiting for the Secret Service to intervene—only for an American agent to come to his assistance.

“He closed his eyes and waited to pay the cost. It did not come. He opened his eyes. The Secret Service agent stood before him, presenting his Glock, butt first,” Sharp wrote. “’Here,’ the agent said politely. ‘Use mine…’”

“A Times spokesperson told Fox News: “It’s very clear what this is: a work of fiction, commissioned by editors of the Book Review as part of a package of five stories penned by a range of spy and crime novelists—in the Halloween edition.”


Why ever was assassination on their minds?

We’ve all seen the endurance characteristics of salacious “fantasies” like the one written by former British spy Christopher Steele, which even though roundly debunked, is still out there today as the basis of Robert Mueller III’s special counsel investigation into fantasy Russian collusion.

Given the growing hostility that surrounds us, this is certainly a suspicious time for what Media Research Center analyst Clay Waters labels “a Trump assassination fantasy”.

It takes real COURAGE for Trump to appear at airport hangars and other public venues for his rallies, where the risk of being targeted runs high.  But not a single media outlet is talking about Trump’s remarkable courage, only about how reviled he is by those claiming he’s a “racist’,  “misogynist”, etc.

It is courageous for Trump to declare “We trust in God”, “We protect the freedom of worship”, “We believe in the power of prayer” at his latest Murphysboro, IL. at a time when the foes he faces have driven The Almighty out of the Public Square, pushes the wholesale slaughter of babies through abortion, rob children of their God-Given birthright of gender and who fail to provide safety in school washrooms.

Listen in at 2:14:20 mark:

What we are seeing in front of our eyes is real, the lies of the media’s Fake News notwithstanding.

When the progressive-left cabal who claim autocratic ruling rights don’t get want they want, e.g. media and poll-promised victory in the 2016 presidential election, civil society becomes fraught with danger.

Now the danger zone surrounds the Midterm Election campaign, which above all else, is the Democrats last chance to come out of exile.

Midterm elections can be best described thus:The Democrats, led by “Resistance” leader Barack Obama and egged on by the Deep State plants he left behind, are trying to claw back control, while patriots, led by a courageous President Donald Trump, are fighting to get their country back.

People of America, and fans of America in the seriously threatened West,  pray for President Trump.  Pray not just for his safety but for his survival.

Ladies and gentlemen of America, Nov. 6 is only days away and your country is calling you!


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