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Donald Trump! You May Already Be A Winner!

By —— Bio and Archives--June 9, 2018

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Donald Trump! You May Already Be A Winner!
Cutting to the chase, right here, right now, is how our fine President can easily pay for the wall.  The wall he is attempting to build— and taking even more abuse — for our nation’s best interests. This surefire solution which will pick up the tab on ‘his’ wall is an idea I have been plagued with ever since he, in his obvious masochistic lust, took over the Oval Office. Other people might have suggested what I’m about to propose. But the idea certainly hasn’t achieved much mileage, in that I have not heard this from any other source. Here I am, in this day and age, actually claiming originality? But yes, I have lost my mind. Ah, but I digress…


We do a federal income tax lotto. Here’s how it will work. It is so simple and failsafe that I’m surprised I thought of it.

With every year’s tax return, every individual - no businesses or LLC’s, just private citizen types - can ante up for a chance at paying no federal income tax for life, or 10 years, or whatever. I haven’t figured out the details of the time period of immunity granted to the winner. And I don’t know what our stingy Congress will insist upon for that parameter, if any. Nevertheless, for a dollar or maybe five or ten dollars a throw - for a prize like this, we don’t have to make it too cheap - a person’s Social Security number is entered into the ‘bingo cage’. If your number is drawn, you don’t have to pay any federal income taxes for however long the grand prize grants. And, like I said, it could be for life!

The obvious no-brainer benefits to everybody include some of the following: For one, right off the bat, it is a chance for Uncle Sugar to pull in some real money without having to spend more than it costs to make. Outside of marketing schemes that must rely upon throwing people into prison if they don’t cooperate, our government doesn’t show much creativity at all in making or saving money. And the one man who is currently trying to do that has been thoroughly damned by most all our political establishment. So this tax lotto has got to be a precedent in America’s history that will not soon be equaled.

Further, give people the opportunity to buy as many chances as they like. If the figure that I keep seeing, 122 million individual federal taxpayers in 2017, is at all reliable, that is at least 122 million extra dollars into our coffers for whatever needs to be paid for. But if the buy-in starts at five dollars, we are already at over $600,000,000 the Fed would not have ordinarily seen. If people are allowed to buy multiple chances, suddenly we are raking in billions. I, for one,  would be anxious to spend an additional $500 every year, if by doing that I chanced to be tax-free for the next decade or maybe even the rest of my life. And again, canceling one or even a dozen tax debtors nationally every year certainly isn’t going to be a gouge to the Congress that leaks money like a sieve, anyway. Of course, the tax-free status-prize is nontransferable and therefore completely expires along with the winner.

And for the individual, imagine cashing in all your retirement accounts with no tax impact or, for that matter, simply never again worrying about any federal tax debt at all? Who would not jump at such an opportunity? If any of my good readers out there can throw some criticism at this that I haven’t thought of, by all means do so in various comment spaces wherever this article appears. And if anyone has any additional insight as to benefits I have not seen, add those as well. And/or if you happen to be having coffee with our President in the next day or two, by all means tell him that Dave Merrick with Canada Free Press has an idea for a federal fundraiser that might solve at least part of his cash flow problems.

Have a great weekend.  And God bless America!


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