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Dumb Kids Against Freedom!

By —— Bio and Archives--April 14, 2018

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Dumb Kids Against Freedom!
Good news! According to a Denver Post article by Danika Worthington, “Young people across the nation have amplified calls to end gun violence ...” Of course this exalted movement has sprouted since the rotten kid in Florida took 17 lives in the gun-powered tantrum he threw at Broward County’s Parkland High School. She goes on to say that “Teens and twenty-somethings” have created yet another anti-gun group. This one is called, “Vote for Our Lives”. It’s a Colorado-based ‘sister organization’ to the “March for Our Lives” that has purportedly staged more than 30 events nationally, getting young people to help bolster America’s stupid gun-hate and to encourage their friends to ‘be the first on their block!’ to register to vote! It might be more accurately called, “Dumb Kids Against Freedom.”


I am an ex-hippie - one of the baby boomers who helped propagate the lie that brought us Barack Obama and Snowflake America of 2018

Way to go, America. You have, by your neglect, asked for this nightmare. Now you’ve got it. It’s here and thriving because ‘adult’ Americans have casually abdicated our position of responsible leadership and taking care of business. The kids (who are no longer challenged to be adults) literally will ‘take it from here’. Some might respond, “Oh, gee! What’s your complaint? Don’t we want young people to take the initiative and fight for what is right?” My answer is, “No, not in this instance - and certainly not like this. Because this threateningly massive voting block of our addle-brained children hasn’t a clue of what is right - much less, of what is actually happening.”

A frighteningly huge mob of today’s brand of youth sees getting a spot on “America’s Got Talent” as one of life’s big achievements. Television has taught these brain trusts, and many of the allegedly adult parents who have been happily vegging out with them, to act like they are big thinkers. But they are fatally lacking the discipline, knowledge and cognitive freedom to think for themselves and arrive at sound conclusions. The left-owned and operated tv does that for them.

Here I am again with my old saw. But, I am ashamed to say that I am an ex-hippie - one of the baby boomers who helped propagate the lie that brought us Barack Obama and Snowflake America of 2018. The whole “... Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!” garbage then appeared to us in the early 70s as an age of ‘happiness and understanding’ that we were ushering in. But we are just now beginning to sample a taste of the crops we have really sown since we swallowed that bait. As I have stated in other offerings, I remember fondly ‘boldly venturing forth’ with all my fellow hippie friends, united in the fellowship of LSD and marijuana, etc., as we were supposedly on the cusp of nurturing newly enlightened mindsets and brand-new ways of looking at old problems!

Since the 60s and 70s we have generally produced generations of largely substandard, ignorant and completely unprepared offspring

And then, after that demonic lullaby fizzled out, I remember sadly watching all those same friends abandon the fake altruism (and, albeit, some amazingly good music) that sold us our long hair, bellbottoms and drugs in the first place. Instead of founding a ‘New Age’ and establishing world peace (LOL), so many of us just plopped down in front of a warm television set daily after work and continued to get high - and all in the most base pursuit of simply feeling good. And now, forty years later, after our progeny have been quite naturally replicating our sloth and hypocrisy, I actually hear some of my ex-hippie friends borrowing the lament of our parents’ own, but well-earned, “What’s this world coming to?” To be honest with ourselves, we know that answer because we allowed things to deteriorate to this point. So, you might BS the fans in saying such things - but not the players.

[Author’s Note: I can say all the above like I don’t own it or have to wear it, because God got ahold of me in the mid-70s, and literally saved me from all that powerful delusion (delusion that eventually results in a fate worse than death). By the grace of God alone, my little family and I managed to, early on, throw out the tv and live a blessed life full of love that left me with a free mind as well as healthy and happy, Godly kids and now grandkids! I honestly can’t claim the soundness and virtue that I today have in my life as anything that I cooked up myself. Truly, the most honorable and ‘praiseworthy’ move I have ever made was, when I found myself cornered in the trap I had helped to build by my own decadence, I cried out to Jesus for His salvation.]

Since the 60s and 70s we have generally produced generations of largely substandard, ignorant and completely unprepared offspring. And our revered mother/mentor/babysitter, the television, has soft-boiled our brains to the point that we are willing to join the likes of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg and the plurality of today’s worshiped baby-like youngsters in ascribing the problem of gun violence to - of all the dumb things we could attribute it to - guns. Folks today who still possess their own mind, but will never be able to talk louder than the established liberal media/entertainment industry, have worn ourselves out rehearsing comparisons in trying to point out plain common sense to a bunch of people who can no longer think for themselves. I’m sure many of my good readers have desperately recited some of the following: “Blaming guns for gun-related violence is like blaming forks or plates for obesity - or preaching that outlawing cars will get drunk drivers off the road.” Sound familiar? But trying to awaken a lot of today’s dead brains is just that numbskull and circular.


When Constitutional America falls it will give ‘liberals’ a clear shot at the same gravy train and unbridled power enjoyed by the rest of ‘One World’ socialist despots

Meanwhile, the leftist, professional politicians along with their followers, the fully ripened fruits and nuts of the ‘Age of Aquarius’, are drunk with glee that we are only inches away from finally disarming America! The liberal politicians are elated that our hard-working President Trump is so despised. And they rejoice that perfectly bright and lucid communicators like Sarah Sanders are made the target of completely unwarranted rancor. Seeing America so hamstrung and divided means that conservatism’s ultimate collapse is imminent. And when Constitutional America falls it will give ‘liberals’ a clear shot at the same gravy train and unbridled power enjoyed by the rest of ‘One World’ socialist despots. Their liberal constituency is happy simply because television has assured them they will be happy when constitutional capitalistic America is finally brought to its knees. What a shuck. But this is the punchline to why a very real devil has been so busy in dumbing down lazy Americans and supplanting our Bible-based consciences with his flip-flopping political correctness.

California Congressman, Ted Lieu, a card-carrying, Trump-hating, California liberal’s liberal, in one of his tweets dated October 14, 2017 at 9:56 PM, posted a picture of himself smiling like a jackal as he was addressing one of the fine California liberal organizations in his district. The name of the outfit is ‘Living Liberally’. Over his left shoulder is a large painting of some sort of creature/clown with his legs spread apart proudly showing off his red and white striped penis. Giving the appearance of integrity and sublime value to that sort of insanity perfectly illustrates the ‘cause’ that is served by today’s power-hungry, desperate left.

Clowns, Ted Lieu


Heavy-breathing theatrical, left’s pitch these days

More of his coolness was a retweet of anti-gun’s new dream boy, the actor and melodramatic storyteller, David Hogg. Hogg said in a ‘humble’ and self-effacing tweet to Bill O’Reilly, “I don’t have any shadowy figures behind me ... I’m just a kid that uses Twitter (.) If he (O’Reilly) sees me as powerful that’s okay. I don’t see myself that way…” (Uh huh, sure, Dave.) The politically correct and trendy, vote-grubbing Lieu genuflects as he responds in similar, saccharine, obsequious sycophancy, “[email protected]: Those powerful people behind you? They’re called the majority of the American people. We have your back.” Oh-brother. That little interlude was difficult for me to transcribe because it’s only been a few minutes since my last meal. But that is the ‘substance’ of the heavy-breathing theatrical, left’s pitch these days. It is piping and dancing as fast as it can to entertain and distract its lightheaded constituency until their selfish trap springs shut.

Hogg, Lieu

That is where we are today. The new Democratic Party is in no way similar to the JFK and Hubert Humphrey democrats of days gone by. In 1984 when the then dying DNC realized their wornout anti-Nixon platforms had gone entirely limp, jive-talking Jesse Jackson created the ‘Rainbow Coalition’ by suddenly promising recognition and powerful representation to every kook, cultist and pervert in creation. And at that time people - even conservatives who were, as usual, just too busy working and paying bills to notice - didn’t notice that the tv they left running was oozing subtly through the minds of its viewers: sucking in and morphing the brains of susceptible youngsters who would eventually harden into the voting clones/snowflakes of the 21st century. And that is exactly where we find ourselves today. We are facing off with a bunch of amoral socialists dressed as ‘Democrats’ or ‘liberals’ or ‘leftists’ or whatever title will work in order to recover the ground they lost in 2016. And now they are promising little Johnny the respect he demands - in exchange for his tantrums and his vote.


Using our children to influence adults who have never grown up - and who can no longer tell the difference between innocence and ignorance

If you haven’t noticed, you cannot argue with today’s left. It’s because a legitimate argument needs plausibly defensible points on either side of the exchange. But the ‘substance’ of the left’s ‘causes’ today have entirely deteriorated into foundationless drama devoid of any redeeming truth. It’s all just dramatic play-acting mimicking the scenarios they live vicariously through the junk they watch on television, movies and video games. The ranks of the new left are comprised of a bunch of directionless people who have been screen-trained to find purpose and meaning in all sorts of vainglorious emptiness and detergent-selling soundbites.

Hitler’s propagandist, Goebbels, knew that if one repeated any lie long enough and choreographed with enough drama, people would actually take up arms and defend it. Today, we see that sort of insane, sheeplike insanity being sold everywhere: in a loudmouthed but quite confident black woman who screams “Impeach 45!” for hours on end (and then flatly denies ever doing so), or in the left side of our House of Representatives who will melodramatically remain seated during an entire State Of The Union address - for absolutely no legitimate reason. And we can see it, painfully, in people spending years in elected offices entirely because of the color of their skin. They weren’t elected because they are morally committed enough to quell a developing race riot. In fact they have promoted it! Some aren’t even smart enough to know that populating an island won’t capsize it as a result of its being top-heavy. And on and on.

Our first and worst black (and certainly most racist) president chided the framers of our Constitution for having made it difficult for him to implement fiat changes to our country by simply signing yet another executive order. But, if he’d had the opportunity, he would have, in a heartbeat, signed away our right to defend ourselves from the sweatshop government he’d envisioned himself floating upon. The new left is a vehicle by which the prince of darkness is looking to find the statutory omnipotence/omniscience he can never otherwise gain. The devil wants to establish a throne from which he may deal his final death-blow to the American independence that has been a MAJOR thorn in his side for the past two and a half centuries. And now he is seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, a reward for his restless labor. If he can, in one fell swoop, he will take away our guns and give the majority vote to a bunch of kids who don’t even know our history - or care enough to investigate it.

As I have so often said, if Constitutional, conservative America ever allows the new left one more opportunity at having the upper hand, those commies will never again repeat the mistakes they made in allowing the huge error of a Donald Trump anywhere near the Oval Office. Like a snake looking to get at his prey, the snake of this present darkness will use any hole, any weakness, that presents itself as a route to satisfy its deadly hunger. Using our children to influence adults who have never grown up - and who can no longer tell the difference between innocence and ignorance - might very well prove to be the last mistake this world’s last bastion of freedom will ever make. And ‘there are none so blind as those who will not see’.


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