Sen. Boxer is cheerleader numero uno for man-made global warming guru Al Gore

Earth to Sen. Inhofe

By —— Bio and Archives--December 2, 2009

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Surely Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), ranking member of the Senate Committee on Environmental and Public Works,  jests by calling on Committee Chair (“Don’t call me Ma’am”)  Barbara Boxer to conduct hearings into the possible conspiracy known as ClimateGate.

According to CNS News, Sen. Inhofe is calling on Sen. Boxer (D-Calif.) “to conduct hearings on a possible conspiracy between some of the world’s most prominent climatologists to, among other things, manipulate data on so-called global warming.”


Sen. Boxer is cheerleader numero uno for man-made global warming guru Al Gore, and no one knows that better than Sen. Inhofe.

“Inhofe said the recent disclosure of emails between several prominent climatologists reveal “possible deceitful manipulation of important data and research used by the US Global Change Research Program” and the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.” (CNSNews.com, Dec. 1, 2009).

You don’t have to cross the pond to find conspiracies on man made global warming,  Sen. Inhofe.

The clock is fast ticking towards UN-inspired worldwide Cap and Trade legislation in Copenhagen.

Going back in time,  Sen. Inhofe should have indelible memories about manipulation on the homefront when Gore was brought in by Boxer to testify before the House Committee on Environment and Public works.

“Gore drew mostly praise and softball—if not sycophantic—questions from congressional Democrats and even many Republicans,” Steve Milloy of JunkScience.com reported at the time.

Texas Rep. Joe Barton and Inhofe, who tried to grill Gore were savaged by their colleagues.

The pair was operating at quite a disadvantage,  given that they were no longer the chairmen of their committees and now had had little if any control over the hearing process.

“In the Senate, Committee Chair Barbara Boxer ran interference for Gore by disrupting Inhofe’s questioning, and then added insult to injury by mocking the senator—to audience applause—for no longer heading up the committee.” (Steve Milloy, canadafreepress.com, March 27, 2007).

“On the Senate side, Inhofe confronted Gore with the hypocrisy of his preaching to the rest of us about the need to use less energy—by taking colder showers, hanging laundry outside to dry and keeping our homes colder in the winter and warmer in the summer, among other things—while his own personal electric bill for his Nashville mansion is 20 times the national average.”

And time would prove that Milloy, was right on in his predictions back in 2007: “Based on how the Democrats managed the hearings, Gore’s warning that we have about 10 years to address global warming before “it’s too late”, his call for an immediate freeze on greenhouse gas emissions and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announced desire to have legislation drawn up by July 4, you might think a global warming bill is imminent.

“But Inhofe intimated to a group of bloggers this week that Boxer doesn’t want legislation this year, preferring instead to have global warming as a campaign issue in 2008.”

Barbara Boxer should now conduct hearings on a possible conspiracy between some of the world’s most prominent climatologists to, among other things, manipulate date on so-called global warming?

Earth to Sen. Inhofe: You’re knocking on a locked concrete door.


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