This year, voters must not allow “The Democracy” to take power

Election 2018: Mob Rule or the Rule of Law?

By —— Bio and Archives--October 23, 2018

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Election 2018: Mob Rule or the Rule of Law?
From Congresswoman Maxine Waters to minority leader Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Party’s Election 2018 game plan is “Annihilate. Destroy. KILL! KILL! KILL!” The rant comes from the warmongering general in the sci-fi spoof “Mars Attacks!” But you get the idea. The Democratic Party has embraced the mob mentality.

The Democratic Party minions among the media and the marauding masses are propping up this call to action. After President Trump announced his rescission of the unconstitutional DACA program, “United We Dream” hordes of paid Nightmare Kids invaded the United States Congress. They took over the US Senate cafeteria. They invaded legislators’ offices. The press played it up as good old-fashioned lobbying. The DACA Nightmares were lying on the floor of the US Senate Majority Leader’s Office. Many times, they resorted to jumping up and down throwing a temper tantrum. Police officers grew accustomed to making en masse arrests along the Washington Mall and throughout the US Capitol.


The public, and more importantly the marginalized liberal media, forgot about this social justice warrior activism-terrorism, but not the legislators. Those tumultuous months of badgering, bickering, and Millennial bellicosity didn’t rub off the representatives in DC, and they lived through it again with the Kavanaugh hearings. Democratic operatives overplayed their hand (or fists?) the first time. Now Republicans started putting up their dukes to fight back.

Outside of the halls of Congress, Democrats were inciting more paid protestors and zombie-like followers to harass, badger, and rage against their Republican opposition. While liberal mobs have been tearing up college campuses and silencing speakers they don’t agree with for the last five years (at least), the maddening crowds have gotten more vicious and determined.

Joey Gibson’s Free Speech organization Patriot Prayer has faced endured riots, fistfights, and bloody hell in Washington, Oregon, and elsewhere. Recently, in Portland, Oregon, Antifa commandeered the streets, redirected traffic, and assaulted drivers. One man plowed through this horde just to escape! Then there’s the Washington DC Antifa brigades. How many elected officials have faced brazen hostility in restaurants and along public thoroughfares lately? US Senator Ted Cruz and his wife wanted to dine in peace, only to be chased out of a DC restaurant. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dealt with similar obstreperous behavior this past week. At least the restaurant fired the staffers for doing nothing to protect the Cruzes. But why did the servers allow the Antifa mob inside in the first place? US Senator Susan Collins recently received a strange, powdery substance in the mail at her home! The Hazmat crew stormed the scene to ensure that nothing dangerous was present. Collins is safe now, but how much longer before elected officials get hurt?

Democratic Party’s radical mob is clear with their intentions: No more discussions, N more meetings of the mind. For the Left, this is war

The Democratic Party’s radical mob is clear with their intentions: no more discussions, no more meetings of the mind. For the Left, this is war. Democratic operatives will assault, batter, and threaten their opposition. Add to these outstanding violations the litany of prior violent acts from incumbents like Keith Ellison of Minnesota and US Senator Tom Carper of Delaware, and a pattern emerges that abuse among liberals, elected or private citizen, has been a long-standing norm.

Should this mushrooming Democratic violence shock us? Historically, it has been worse.

Before the Civil War, legislators were routinely threatening each other. Legislators began bringing knives and guns to Congress, so deep was the simmering bitterness. The savage beating of Republican US Senator Charles Sumner at the hands of Democratic Fire-eater Preston Brooks is legendary. 

We haven’t reached that level of hostility … yet.

In fact, the Democratic Party hasn’t really reached the meltdown “stage”. The very concept of “Democracy” suggests mob rule, so we shouldn’t be surprised at this push toward violence among Democrats. Majority is mob rule. Right and wrong mean nothing when 50% + 1 decide the final outcome or any other issues. Democratic gain as the main criterion will violate minority rights. Thank God the Framers established a Republic, not a democracy.


But wait! The Democratic Party has been around for 200 years. Why now do we witness the Democratic Party resorting to more brazen acts of disruption, vagrancy, and abuse? “The Democratic Party has lost the argument”, one could argue. But they have been losing the argument since 1972, when Richard Nixon won 49 states, since voters rejected SJW-Hippie-Pacifist-Socialist George McGovern.

The cause goes deeper than the political party. “Democratic” institutions, i.e. the mainstream media, academia, and their cultural icons have not only lost the argument, they can no longer disguise their insipid lies as argument. Today, Democrats no longer control the major means of communication, and conservatives—whether as parties or individuals—make their case fully without constraint. Because of this, Republicans no longer fear the liberal media smearfest. For decades, Republicans had played perennial defense with the press, which had begun with the Watergate Break-In and the media’s massive attention to the one crime. Forty years later, the press routinely overlooked Obama’s floodgate of corruption, and today everyone is aware of this crass hypocrisy.

Democrats have no argument, and they cannot pretend they do. They can’t stop the other side from making their case. So what’s left? They are following the advice given by law professors advice: “When the facts are on your side, argue the facts. When the law is on your side, argue the law. When you have neither, pound the table.” Democrats don’t even have the table, so they are “pounding the opposition.”

It seems like the public is catching on. The #WalkAway Movement has transformed into a massive rally of new GOP voters. On November 6th, everyone must vote Republican to save our Republic, to assert and to ensure that We the People will not be ruled by the Democratic mob. We will not allow Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to turn our Congressman into a coven of unruly radicals. We must insist on government based on the rule of law, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. This year, voters must not allow “The Democracy” to take power.


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