Give freedom and liberty a fighting chance to continue the fight in the never-ending battle of good against evil.

Election Day 2018—Even One Vote Can Make the Difference

By —— Bio and Archives--November 5, 2018

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Election Day 2018—Even One Vote Can Make the Difference
Tomorrow’s Election Day is not just about another election, it’s about how you will live the next two years of your personal life.

More than anything else Midterm Elections 2018 is about the two last years of the hatred and division Democrats made of everyday life in America.


Midterms didn’t start in the 2018 Midterm campaign.  Midterms really started in 2016 because the Democrats have been in do-or-die election mode ever since Donald Trump was elected as president.

The Democrats have never come out of their presidential election shock when most polls predicted Donald Trump had zero chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

Worse, they’ve never faced up to the reality that they lost.  They never will, not even two years from now when President Trump will win again.

As things stand now, most political pundits have concluded that both Republicans and Democrats are braced for a possible split decision that would hand the House to Democrats and leave Republicans holding onto or perhaps expanding their Senate Majority.

The USA has been split roughly 50-50 even before Trump was elected.

Pundits and polls notwithstanding, modern day politics is a bloodsport where anything can happen.

On this night before election, I like how my colleague, radio host Sam Clovis reminds us that just one vote can make the difference;

“I want you to consider the following:  If just one vote in every 30K that was cast in Florida in 2000 had changed, we would have had Al Gore as president—one vote in every 30K.  Tell me one vote does not count,” Clovis wrote in an email to friends today.

“No one really knows how things are going to turn out, but I am more optimistic today than I was last week.  Like there were major surprises on the 8th of November in 2016, I suspect there will be major surprises tomorrow night.”

Clovis is a conservative, so will be voting for other conservatives and those republicans who will do their part to help President Trump continue his record of keeping his political promises:

 “For those of you in Iowa, we have some very close congressional races, so every single vote counts.  I will be voting for my Congressman, Steve King.  He has represented this district well in Washington, as I have had the opportunity to see him operate up close and personal.  He certainly is the best choice in this race.”

This writer had the privilege of meeting Congressman Steve King at a conference in 2014. I was mighty impressed with his honesty and integrity and have told anyone who would listen that I consider Congressman King to be the most decent and effective politician of my lifetime.

Even though no one—and most especially the mainstream and social media—really knows how things are going to turn out tomorrow night, there is one thing for sure:

Life in this vale of tears is an ongoing battle of good against evil.  When we wake up on Wednesday morning, the battle of good against evil will continue no matter who won in Midterms.

Your one vote could be the one in 30 thousand that will make a difference in giving good lawmakers a fighting chance in keeping the evil that now surrounds us at bay.

If you haven’t already voted, get out and vote tomorrow, and take every one you possibly can with you to the voting booth.

Pray that the outcome of the most expensive midterm campaign in U.S. history gives freedom and liberty a fighting chance to continue the fight in the never-ending battle of good against evil.


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