Draconian carbon emission controls

Energy Czarina Browner Belongs to the Socialist International

By —— Bio and Archives--January 10, 2009

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With all the accusations that have been hurled at President-elect Barack Obama that he is a political radical, it’s not surprising that he has tried to present a moderate image to the public. The PR campaign has been working to a large extent.

But problems are beginning to emerge.

Carol Browner might be one of them. Obama chose Browner, a former EPA administrator, to be his energy czar (really, czarina).

Browner is all for draconian carbon emission controls aimed at halting global warming. Critics of carbon control say such plans are really about expanding government control over the economy and have little to do with things climatological. In order words, such plans are primarily if not exclusively about strengthening socialism.

Now it has been revealed that Browner is apparently an actual card-carrying socialist.

The Socialist International, an umbrella group for the socialist parties of the world, has removed the reference to Browner being a member of the group’s “Commission for a Sustainable World Society” on its website. (A cached version of the older page from Google showing Browner’s membership has been preserved for posterity here.)

So we have to wonder if Browner is pushing so-called cap and trade carbon policies because she believes they will help the environment or because they advance socialism.

(Hat tip to Noel Sheppard of NewsBusters)


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