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New evidence emerges in Ellison domestic abuse allegations: Democrats, media go into protection mode

Aug 16, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

New evidence emerges in Ellison domestic abuse allegations: Democrats and media go into protection mode
Minnesota Democrats have chosen an in-your-face Muslim lawmaker who has been accused of serial domestic abuse as their official candidate for the top law enforcement post in that state.

Minnesota is an important state for President Trump and Republicans. Trump barely lost the state in 2016 and is hoping to put it in his column in 2020. Democrats there are still traumatized over Sen. Al Franken’s resignation over sexual harassment allegations.

The Wahhaj Family Compound and Their Dem-Connected Father

Aug 13, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

The Wahhaj Family Compound and Their Dem-Connected Father

It turns out the man arrested for running a Muslim terrorist training compound in rural New Mexico is the son of an influential Democrat-connected jihadist imam who was close to the Blind Sheikh who orchestrated the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 that left six people dead.

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj Jr., who is 39 or 40, of Clayton County, Ga., was arrested after authorities found 11 hungry, filthy children living in squalid conditions in a remote part of New Mexico. Wahhaj, who has been charged with felony child abuse, had reportedly been training the children to commit school shootings. The remains of a three-year-old disabled boy, since identified as Wahhaj’s son, were discovered on the property which was filled with weapons. Two of Wahhaj’s sisters and two other adults were also arrested.


Aug 12, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

Foul-mouthed Antifa demonstrators went on a rampage August 6 as they assaulted two high-profile conservative activists at a downtown Philadelphia restaurant for being conservatives and supporters of President Trump.

The attack came the day after Antifa smashed the windows at a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office in Berkeley, Calif., during a leftist counter-protest of a “No to Marxism” rally. Twenty people were arrested. “Besides the damage to the Marine Corps post, Berkeley police also said ‘an extremist element among a large group’ damaged 21 city vehicles, setting one on fire, and slashed their tires,” Fox News reported.

New Anne Frank Play Casts ICE As The Nazis

Aug 9, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

New Anne Frank Play Casts ICE As The NazisA new leftist politics-tainted theatrical production of The Diary of Anne Frank in Los Angeles outrageously compares the Trump administration to the German Nazi regime by replacing Nazis hunting for Jews with ICE agents tracking down Latino illegal aliens.

Although the play is set to open Sept. 6 in Los Angeles, the comparison between Anne Frank and illegal aliens in the United States is beyond farfetched.

Top 10 Black Racists

Aug 6, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

Top 10 Black Racists
In America today there is nothing worse than being called a racist. You can’t easily defend yourself against the life-changing, sometimes career-ending smear which evildoers can wield with impunity.

“There is nothing worse for your career,”  New York State Assemblyman Kieran Lalor (R), said on Fox and Friends, “there’s nothing worse for you as a person. A lot ofpeople don’t want to speak up because they’re going to be accused of being a racist.”

Trump Vows Border Wall Showdown

Aug 1, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

Trump Vows Border Wall Showdown
President Trump raised the specter of a federal government shutdown Sept. 30 if Congress refuses to hand over money to build the southern border wall that the American people have been demanding for decades.

Trump seems aware that, contrary to perceived wisdom, furloughing feds for a few days is smart politics that almost invariably benefits the Republican Party. Recent history shows that when Republicans shutter the government in Washington, they win elections.

Occupy Ice Camp Shut Down In Oregon

Jul 27, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

Occupy Ice Camp Shut Down In Oregon
The filthy, illegal “Occupy ICE” encampment in Portland, Ore., that spurred nationwide protests against immigration enforcement efforts may finally have been dismantled Wednesday but there is no indication that leftists are planning a de-escalation in their not-so-metaphorical war against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Occupy ICE protests are still in progress throughout the country.

Senate Dem Candidate Goes Socialist

Jul 26, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

Maine candidate Zak Ringelstein
A declaration by the Democrats’ official candidate for the U.S. Senate in Maine is proof that the party’s infiltration by hardline socialists is continuing apace as the off-year congressional elections of November approach.

And while it is hyperbole to say that Democrats are embroiled in an ideological civil war, it is fair to say that members of the Democratic Party’s old guard are not happy about this leftward ideological drift.

Oregon Antifa riot against Patriot Prayer

Jul 26, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

Oregon Antifa riot against Patriot PrayerPortland, Oregon, is maintaining its reputation as the most active hotspot in the nation for organized Antifa violence.

Members of the group known as Rose City Antifa physically attacked members of the conservative group Patriot Prayer the afternoon of June 3, in central Portland. Patriot Prayer, which has also been confronted by Antifa during rallies in California, had organized a public event to say goodbye to a member who was moving back to American Samoa.

Antifa professor rails against the national anthem

Jul 26, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

Antifa professor rails against the national anthem
Communist-anarchist George Ciccariello-Maher (full name: George Joseph Ciccariello-Maher IV), the racist academic who tweeted himself out of a tenured professor post by publicly advocating for the extermination of white people, is back in the news for comparing the national anthem to the Nazi salute.

Ciccariello-Maher, born March 12, 1979, is an outspoken Antifa supporter. How do we know this? Because he has said so. When Ciccariello-Maher was criticized on Twitter for “spouting Antifa lines,” the academic acknowledged July 3, 2017, on Twitter that he was doing so “because Antifa is right and good.”

Antifa in Germany publish rioting how-to booklet

Jul 25, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

Antifa in Germany publish rioting how-to booklet
Antifa activists in Germany have published a booklet that instructs and encourages their supporters to become “riot tourists” in Germany by violently attacking political party offices and war memorials, and by setting automobiles on fire.

Their American counterparts are slightly ahead of them. The new German publication comes in the wake of Antifa professor Mark Bray’s book last year titled Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.


Jul 21, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

While the media-driven leftist hysteria about President Trump’s non-existent electoral collusion with Russia continues to build, the Left continues to ignore the longstanding collaboration of its biggest star with the Communists who used to rule Russia.

That star, of course, is 76-year-old Bernie Sanders, the so-called democratic socialist U.S. senator from Vermont whom the Hillary Clinton-controlled Democratic National Committee quite literally robbed of the Democrats’ 2016 presidential nomination.


Jul 18, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

​Democrat giant-slayer and soon-to-be Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came close to saying she supports abolishing the free enterprise system and the precious economic freedoms on which it is based that have made America wealthy beyond its founders’ wildest dreams.

The so-called democratic socialist Ocasio-Cortez whom DNC Chairman Tom Perez hails as “the future of our party,” breezily dismissed the current strength of the U.S. economy, claiming unemployment is low only because Americans are working two jobs.


Jul 17, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

Leftist city officials in Durham, N.C., are trying to censor conservative academic Jordan B. Peterson by denying him a platform for an upcoming local talk about his bestselling self-help book.

This attack on Peterson is part of a larger assault on conservatives’ free speech rights in the Trump era. Demonstrators have shut down or tried to shut down Charles Murray, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, and David Horowitz, to name a few targets. Social media companies brazenly discriminate against conservatives and the crimes of former IRS official Lois Lerner against conservative activist groups remain unprosecuted.

Unmasking Antifa Using the Rule of Law

Jul 14, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

Unmasking Antifa Using the Rule of Law
A new bill called the “Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018” seeks enhanced penalties against rioters and others who use clothing to conceal their identities while committing certain crimes.

One of the reasons federal prosecutors were unable to secure convictions against all but a handful of the accused #DisruptJ20 rioters is because positive identification has been impossible in many cases.


Jul 12, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

The grassroots #WalkAway movement aimed at getting disaffected Democrats to publicly and conspicuously abandon their increasingly radical, intolerant party is rapidly gaining steam.

The movement, founded in late May by gay hairstylist Brandon Straka, encourages Americans to share their personal stories of disillusionment with the Democratic Party and abandon, or “walk away,” from the party. #WalkAway primarily encourages the rejection of Democrat radicalism, as opposed to proselytizing on behalf of the Republican Party or Donald Trump.


Jul 10, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

America’s largest communications union, the 700,000-member Communications Workers of America (CWA), has joined an activist coalition called Freedom from Facebook that seeks to break up the monopolistic social media giant.

So far the groups supporting the Freedom From Facebook coalition are predominantly left-wing. Among them are and Public Citizen. Facebook has about 2 billion users worldwide.


Jul 9, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

The Left is using blacks and the compromised Black Lives Matter movemen
The Left is using blacks and the compromised Black Lives Matter movement to launch a violent civil war in the United States, according to a popular viral video by a former Black Lives Matter activist.

The video has been receiving a great deal of attention from conservatives because it gives voice to concerns and anxieties expressed by Trump supporters in this time of escalating hostility and physical violence against those who support the Trump administration.


Jul 6, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

Radical environmentalists claimed a Trump cabinet member’s scalp yesterday as they forced out a great American patriot, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, under a cloud of largely invented ethics scandals.

Nothing Pruitt did in office was unforgivable. Nothing he did was even particularly bad.


Jul 5, 2018 — Matthew Vadum

U.S. Navy Petty Officer First Class Saucier
​New proof the FBI slow-walked and undermined its own investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email abuses has given a former Navy sailor pardoned by President Trump new determination to press on with a malicious prosecution lawsuit against senior members of the Obama administration.

“You know, these people aren’t above the law,” said Kristian Saucier, a former submariner. “But apparently, they are. And I’m going to fight that until—and you know, as long as there’s a breath in me, I’m going to fight that.”

He added: