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To sit back and watch as their citizens are murdered, raped and robbed from their public coffers is a failure of monumental proportion

EU Leaders Guilty of Criminal Negligence

By —— Bio and Archives--August 19, 2017

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Criminal Negligence: The crime of causing injury or harm to a person or property as the result of doing something or failing to provide a reasonable level of care.

What Europe’s leaders have forced on their people is nothing less than criminal negligence. What is missing in European society that they feel a need to expose their citizens to extreme foreign cultures? Why do they seem to divorce themselves from reality? Do they not see, behind their armed guards and thick walls, that the people and their way of life are under attack?

I realize it is a rare moment when any politician admits any wrong-doing, but this has now rotted to a stink.

Understandably, after two world wars and tens of millions of dead, Europe is reluctant to see any offense, any onslaught as ‘war worthy.’ But their continent is quickly descending into chaos. The political elite say nothing, the first responders arrive to clean up the mess and the police, who have a long list of suspected Islamic terrorists, seem to do nothing with it. The people put up with it with the occasional silent candle-light vigil. It is a scene from the Time Machine where people are routinely killed and eaten by Morlocks while the people, who have not yet been picked out of the herd, merely look on with a sickening normality.

You cannot ignore what is in front of your face unless you choose to close your eyes. Europe is under assault, but the politicians, the people who put their people in this mess have yet to acknowledge or even take responsibility…cowards all. Many children, like in war-torn Europe of the last century, are being denied their childhood. They now know fear and uncertainty. Countries that were famous for being free of crime are becoming crime-ridden, rape capitals.

Forty to fifty percent of Islamic migrants are unemployed in France and Germany, draining their host countries of social benefits. 40% of the social outlays in Denmark go to 5% of the population. Many Muslims even view the payments as jizya, a tax paid in Islamic societies as a sign of submission to Islamic rule, a sort of penalty for not being Muslim. Some view the jizya as their contribution to jihad.

With the European Union dictating immigration policy and social benefits, an abundance of migrants gladly take the payments with no feeling of owing anything to their respective host countries. This fuels resentment among the taxpaying citizens who pay for those benefits while clapping hands from the elite, who benefit from the cheap labor, demonstrate a stark contrast of interests.

Spain, during the eighth century, was occupied by Muslims for 780 years. Now ISIS is determined to take it back and has said they will have Spain again as part of their Caliphate by 2020.

Surprisingly, the three countries in Europe that do not suffer from terrorism are Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, nations once behind the iron curtain. Why is that? Simple, they do not allow mass immigration into their countries. They have defied the EU and continue to do so. They have learned their lessons. They have watched Western Europe and have not been impressed.

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With all of EU’s studies and commissions, the leadership cannot seem to understand the basic problem of which ordinary citizens are already aware ...what do you do with immigrants who have no interest in assimilation, but have great interest in exploitation and eventual occupation?

With the leadership apparently incapable or unwilling to solve these problems, they are engaging in criminal negligence. To sit back and watch as their citizens are murdered, raped and robbed from their public coffers is a failure of monumental proportion. They have not even come close to a reasonable level of care.

The time has come for the people of Europe to ask themselves if the EU has served them well…if having policies dictated to them from other countries is in their best interest. I think not.

Ray DiLorenzo -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Ray DiLorenzo is a career pilot having retired after 22 years as a contract fire pilot with the California Department of Forestry (Cal-Fire).  He is presently affiliated with Stand Up America founded by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret).

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