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Ray DiLorenzo is a career pilot having retired after 22 years as a contract fire pilot with the California Department of Forestry (Cal-Fire). He is presently affiliated with Stand Up America founded by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret).

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What’s Left For The Left

Mar 17, 2018 — Ray DiLorenzo

What's Left For The Left
Has the Left any arrows remaining in their quiver? The ‘New’ Democrat Party, if it is new at all, is certainly not afraid to try anything to win favor or an election. It has become an unrecognizable freak show.

Democrats today are not interested in cooperation, teamwork, give-and-take or any kind of partnership in good governance. They insist on either running the show or tag-teaming to fight the opposition by every possible means.

They brawl against racism where none exists. They fight for in-your-face homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, satanism, euthanasia, selling body parts, restricting free speech. They fight against every minuscule form of offensive speech. They routinely demean their fellow Americans by calling them bigots and racists. Women and young girls wear vagina costumes. They don black masks and then attempt to display their sanctimony while they assault Trump supporters with bricks and bicycle chains. Some Democrat leaders may disavow groups like Antifa, but how many of these rioters are registered Democrats? They lure children to political rallies, trying to get them excited about restricting their constitutional rights when all that the kids cared about was getting out of school for a day.

Why Trump Has to Deal With North Korea

Mar 10, 2018 — Ray DiLorenzo

Why Trump Has to Deal With North Korea

Dealing with North Korea is nothing new. Past presidents have doled out their wisdom or lack of it for decades.

In 1994, President Clinton, taking a break from being the party animal, received reports from the CIA that North Korea had built or was building nuclear warheads, complete with threats of turning Japan and South Korea into a “sea of fire.”

In a ‘tough’ response, Clinton sent the always self-anointed Jimmy Carter, our very own Neville Chamberlain, but with his empty suitcases, to Pyongyang to ‘confront the threat.’ Carter ‘succeeded’ by promising North Korea two new reactors and $5 billion in aid, all for a promise to not hurt us.

Behold Your Country

Mar 3, 2018 — Ray DiLorenzo

Behold Your Country
There has been a war going on for the hearts and minds of Americans since the first part of the twentieth century. There were those who wanted to import the Bolshevik Revolution to the United States, establishing a Communist Party, a worker’s paradise, that would rule in America. They first had to radically change our culture to allow the cancer to grow and metastasize. During the exposure of many of these communists in the late 50s, and with the cold war in full swing, Communism went underground.

Communism has re-emerged under new labels, Liberalism, Democratic Socialism and Progressivism. Since then, the Hard Left (including Hollywood, the education system, and the media) has been largely successful in turning the tables, portraying those who wanted to protect our nation from subversive activity as medieval inquisitors on witch hunts.

Depending On Ignorance

Feb 24, 2018 — Ray DiLorenzo

Depending On Ignorance
We are burdened with a decades old liberal-socialist deep state, a corrupt mainstream media, and a public school and university system that perverts our history, culture and Constitution. This has spawned a legion of young and now mature individuals grabbing microphones. They make sweeping statements as ones with authority, but demonstrate their ignorance on subjects like the Constitution, of which they were taught little or nothing. The Left depends on this ignorance to further their grip on our liberty, furthering their agenda. It is manipulation on a grand scale.

Two Americas: Freedom or ‘Safety’

Feb 17, 2018 — Ray DiLorenzo

Two Americas: Freedom or 'Safety'
We live in two Americas. One cherishes freedom, the other demands safety and is willing to give up freedoms to achieve it.

Recent surveys have shown a stark difference between the Left and Right on issues of patriotism and government’s role in our lives. The Left wants and depends on big government, almost to a point of religious fervor. Liberals feel government is the only entity that can control the malevolence of mankind. The Right sees government as a necessary evil. Controlling the hostile tendencies of men and women belongs both to government and religion.

We’re Not Republicans

Feb 10, 2018 — Ray DiLorenzo

We're Not Republicans
I am a Republican, a conservative Republican. I believe in traditional proven social institutions, limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, a strong military, and capitalism. Government should provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their goals.

What do Democrats believe in? The exact opposite with a major emphasis based on the need to not be a Republican.

I’m sure there are many nice Democrats, people you can have lunch with or…wait, let me rephrase. I’m sure there are some nice Democrats…Democrats you can have lunch with or make small talk. But, the problem is most of the congenial, reasonable Democrats, especially in government positions, are long gone, leaving the remaining older, baby-boomer, sensible, grass roots Democrat voters alone in the wilderness, hanging on to the past, reminiscing of John Kennedy and Camelot. It was indeed one brief shining moment.

The State of Dis-Union

Feb 3, 2018 — Ray DiLorenzo

President Trump: The stock market has increased in value by $8 trillion. Unemployment is at a 17-year low with unemployment claims at a 45-year low.
One could easily argue that the country is in a state of disunion similar to the nation before the Civil War. Anyone who does not live in a vacuum can feel the demarcation. We have a very dangerous division…a divided middle class! It’s divided politically, spiritually, ideologically, and socially. Each side has ‘different dreams.’

Every country on the planet has its rich and poor. But it’s the middle class that makes for a vigorous and healthy society. The poor need to know they have some place to go…something to aspire to, while the rich need the middle class to provide a relief valve, a sort of protection from the sneering and suspicion of the poor.

A Contest of Disappointment

Jan 27, 2018 — Ray DiLorenzo

A Contest of Disappointment
Listening to our leaders in government can be a frightful experience, especially when you consider that their actions can affect the lives of millions. Satisfaction with government is directly tied to the economy, sometimes irrespective of the lack of honesty and intellect of its leaders, hence the election of so many deadbeats with nothing more than audacity and good selling skills. But, selling is only half of the job; the other half makes things happen - delivering the product. There are few presidents that can sell themselves better than Barack Obama, but his delivery of results left much to be desired. With Obama it was classic glitter over substance, eloquence over outcome.

What makes Donald Trump different is certainly his style, his expertise in business (domestically and internationally), recognizing the world for what it is and the ability to get things done. A nation runs strong only on a good economy for nothing gets funded otherwise. You can make an argument that his approach is abrasive or even at times caustic, but no one can argue that President Trump is not an achiever.

Don’t Give Us Barabbas

Jan 20, 2018 — Ray DiLorenzo

Don't Give Us Barabbas
Hollywood has reached a turning point. Movie attendance is at a 24 year low and after decades of snickering at their audiences, disparaging Christians, family values, and trying desperately to overturn the culture, the audiences are dwindling. The only reason the yearly receipt totals have not substantially contracted is because they keep raising the ticket prices.

The Trump election put Hollywood, and the liberal elite in a tailspin. With the anticipation of a sure win by Hillary Clinton, the Left was convinced they won the culture war. Permanently in with Happy Holidays and gone forever with Merry Christmas and everything it represents. In with the Robert De Niro rants and out with Jesus. It didn’t happen that way. The majority of Americans have seen what Hollywood values have helped create…secularism, debauchery, broken families, drug use, and the multitude of problems associated with all of it.

The Left is Certifiable

Jan 13, 2018 — Ray DiLorenzo

The Left is Certifiable
In just one year, President Trump, without the help of Democrats, special interests, lobbyists, Hollywood, Never-Trumpers and the irrational and deranged main-stream-media, has managed to turn our nation from upside down to right side up.

The Nasdaq is up 29%...Standard and Poor’s index is up 20%...the DOW is at 25,803 as of the close on Friday…well on its way to 26,000 points…levels never seen before in history. Retirement accounts are soaring. Unemployment is down to 4% with Black and Hispanic unemployment at record lows. Manufacturing is returning to America and the U.S. Manufacturing Index is going through the roof. Regulatory and tax reform is bringing many businesses and trillions of dollars back to our country.

Iran Erupts

Jan 6, 2018 — Ray DiLorenzo

Iran Erupts
Contrary to what many people think, Iran is not a stable Islamic state. The mullahs, like organized crime, have to hold their power over Iran with blood, the blood of their people. Yes, Iran, or Persia, as it was once called, has had their share of coups and revolutions, but for the most part, modern Iran’s problems began in 1950 when foreign influence began to change the nature of the country. For many older people in the East, Western culture is as foreign to them as Eastern culture is to us.

The religious makeup of Iran before the 1979 revolution was mainly Shia Muslims, but a significant number of Jews, Christians, and other faiths called Iran home as well, and they all lived together just fine.

A History of Violence

Dec 30, 2017 — Ray DiLorenzo

A History of Violence
Having gone through the statistical data from various websites that keep close track of numbers like religionofpeace.com, and Wikipedia, the stats show a grim picture of the war on terror of which few people are reporting or aware.

Since 9/11 till December 28, 2017, there have been 34,583 Islamic attacks around the world. 224,168 people have been killed and 303,724 people injured. The attacks have occurred in 61 countries.

The Real ‘What Happened’

Dec 23, 2017 — Ray DiLorenzo

The Real What Happened
Never mind Hillary’s explanation of what happened. She doesn’t have a clue.

When John Kennedy was president, the Democrat Party was vastly different. They controlling both houses of Congress, believed in capitalism, economic growth, low taxes, a strong military and American culture. They even said “Merry Christmas.” They were not shy about their patriotism and love of country. They stared down communism and the Soviet Union and won. Would Kennedy, Tip O’Neill or “Scoop” Jackson recognize today’s Democrat?

To The Sick and Tired

Dec 17, 2017 — Ray DiLorenzo

Hard Left, want bigger government, more control, fewer freedoms
This short article is for those who are sick and tired of politics as usual and corruption in government and the media. It’s for those who watch the news only to see mere politicians continually scratching and clawing their way to power at any cost. It’s for those who watch nothing being done about people who employ violence and subversion if their candidate isn’t elected. It’s for those who are tired of mainstream ‘news’ outlets that are no longer reporting news, but acting as liberal indoctrination centers.

A Short History of the Arab/Israeli Conflict

Dec 10, 2017 — Ray DiLorenzo

A Short History of the Arab/Israeli Conflict
Like so much fake news today, there is ample disinformation being spread about Israel and the Arab/Israeli conflict. Much of it being spread by Islamists and the Democrat Party.

Many Islamic leaders deny the existence of an ancient Jewish Kingdom and a Jewish temple in Jerusalem…fake history.

Chris Mathews of the infamous MSNBC recently said that “crazy evangelical Christians in the South are uninformed about President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel because they have “mythical beliefs” about the ancient city…Because if you don’t give the Palestinians hope that they can have national integrity and have a capital where it should be, you’re going to have an unending problem.” Yes, we are going to have an unending problem, but not for the reasons they would like you to believe. In Mathews’ case, his ignorance of history is stunning.

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

Nov 18, 2017 — Ray DiLorenzo

Twilight Zone, Capitol Hill
In episode 22 of the first season of the Twilight Zone, space aliens decide to descend upon a quiet neighborhood to test the fragility of the human occupants, remove them from their comfort zone and watch their reactions. They observe the reaction to electricity being turned off on most of the homes while leaving a few others untouched. Autos all over the neighborhood were unable to start while a few others appear normal. The episode ends with the once quiet neighborhood in panic with fighting, finger pointing, suspicion and prejudice. Human fragility indeed. All this to test methods of invasion by the aliens at a later date.

Our current Maple Street is the once dignified and honorable seat of government, Washington, D.C., and the center of hero worship, Hollywood - two corners of powerful social change. They have become places where service and dignity take a back seat to power, riches and licentiousness. Our leaders and ‘heroes’ have openly demonstrated to the world that they are as fragile and as filled with human weakness and prejudice as the rest of us, maybe more so. It was probably always like that, but at least it was hidden in dark corners. There was always a figment, a bubble of superhero presence. No more.

Antifa Serves Up Nothing Burger

Nov 5, 2017 — Ray DiLorenzo

Antifa -- New York
What was billed as a massive demonstration of resistance to fascism and the tyranny of the Trump administration, Antifa managed to gather 300 people in Times Square. In Portland, Oregon, the ‘crowd’ was not numbered in the thousands or even the hundreds, but in the dozens.

November 4, 2017, fortunately, will be remembered as another peaceful fall day…with many people anticipating Thanksgiving and the upcoming Christmas season.

What was billed as a massive protest against President Trump turned out to be a ‘crowd’ of about 300 people in Times Square

Between 50 and 100 protesters showed up to express their dissatisfaction with freedom in Portland, OR

ANTIFA -- Portland

Will Anything Happen November 4th?

Oct 30, 2017 — Ray DiLorenzo

Antifa, Going Down, Sub.Media, Insurrection News, Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement
Antifa is calling for a peaceful protest every day starting November 4th, but others are saying online that Antifa is calling for an all-out violent war in the streets. Still others are saying plainly that Antifa is planning to instigate a civil war in order to remove Trump from the White House.

An anti-Trump group, Refuse Fascism, is calling for a protest a day starting November 4th across the United States. Organizers are asking protesters to come out every day until the Trump administration is no longer in power.

The Spirit of Truman and Kennedy Long Ago Departed the DNC

Oct 23, 2017 — Ray DiLorenzo

The Spirit of Truman and Kennedy Long Ago Departed the DNC

To those Democrats that think the spirit of Truman and Kennedy is still alive at the DNC:

Many of you Democrats are living in the past. You think the essence of John Kennedy is still alive. You remember his allure, his magnetism, his support for civil rights. But you don’t remember his hatred of communism, his endorsement of low taxes and support for business, his enmity for secret societies and unbridled government. Yes, Kennedy was reckless, but it was HIS recklessness.

The Talking Dead

Oct 15, 2017 — Ray DiLorenzo

Hey Bernie, have you looked past your bad haircut lately? How about you, Jerry Brown (D-CA), with a state that has a $1.2 trillion shortfall in its public pension system & health care (Calpers, CalStrs & State health plan) and sitting on the crumbling remnants of what used to be the finest freeway system and infrastructure in the world… a figurative picture of what used to be one of the richest states in the union? California is quickly becoming a state only for the rich and those that serve them.

Venezuela is human tragedy in the making…food rationing, starvation, skyrocketing unemployment, widespread crime, political corruption, suppression of political parties (elimination of free speech), state-controlled media, hyperinflation, massive social unrest and gasoline shortages, despite having the largest oil reserves in the world.