EU Parliament Votes to Censure Orban’s Hungary

By -- Spectator—— Bio and Archives--September 17, 2018

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Earlier today, members of the European Parliament voted to censure the government of Hungary under EU Rule Article Seven. This is the first time the European Parliament has triggered Article Seven, though the European Commission did it to Poland in late 2017. Over two-thirds of the members of the European Parliament voted for this measure, which accuses Hungary of going against Europe’s “common values.” The motion accuses Hungary of attacking minorities, media, and the rule of law. The motion, if approved by national leaders would start punishing Hungary for their alleged wrongdoings. The worst possible outcome for Hungary would be the complete revocation of voting rights in the European Union, though Poland would likely veto that motion.

Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, has often been the victim of attacks from the left and center due to his hardline stance on immigration. During the migrant crisis in Europe, Hungary felt threatened by the massive number of immigrants coming through its land to reach other parts of Europe, so it began initiating strong measures to keep migrants out of Hungary, including border security and internal crackdowns. By defying demands from Germany and other European nations to take in massive numbers of migrants, Hungary was somehow going against European values. The idea that Hungary is some sort of racist state has also been refuted heavily in a piece for The American Spectator by Lee Cohen, found here.—More…



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