Teddy-inspired message to all Donald Trump supporters: ‘Watch your backs when you’re out alone on the street, and watch the backs of your beloved pets when accosted by heartless anti-Trumpers'

Even Michael Savage’s beloved poodle,’Teddy’ not safe from crazed anti-Trump attackers

By —— Bio and Archives--March 18, 2017

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Anyone who knows radio talk show host Michael Savage, knows of his heartfelt love for his little toy poodle, Teddy.

At 74 years or at any other age, Savage would defend Teddy to his very last punch,  and woe betide any assailant—no matter how much taller or how much weightier—who would dare to shove his constant companion aside in any scuffle.


Only a deranged and unhinged anti-Trumper would go after a septuagenarian and his 12-year-old pet dog on the streets of the usually peaceful Tiburon.

Only a Michael Savage would go after an unhinged anti-Trumper through the courts of law.

“This guy can’t get away with that,”’ Savage told his attorney Daniel Horowitz.

As brusque as he is brilliant, Savage who shouts it like it is on his radio show Savage Nation, is making enemies for standing up for President Donald Trump.

One of those enemies allegedly left him bloodied and shaken in front of Servino Ristorante in Tiburon and the lovable Teddy shoved aside.

That the irrepressible Teddy is vulnerable to attack because his master is a Trump supporter sends a compelling post-election message.

“Michael Savage, the 74-year-old host of the nationally syndicated talk radio show Savage Nation, was dining solo at Servino Ristorante in Tiburon, with his toy poodle, Teddy, keeping him company, when another patron allegedly began taunting him by saying, ‘weener, weener.’ (Daily Mail, March 16, 2017)

“The heckler was apparently referring to Savage’s legal name, Michael Alan Weiner.

To name-calling anti-Trumpers, Savage is “weener”, “weener”.  President Trump is “pig”, “misogynist” and even “Hitler”.

“As Savage was heading out the door, the verbal abuse allegedly turned physical when the jeerer knocked the septuagenarian to the ground, according to the talk show host’s attorney, Daniel Horowitz. (Daily Mail)

“When another diner tried to step in between the brawlers, he was punched in the face, Horowitz told the Mercury News.

“Savage’s beloved 12-year-old pooch also got shoved after getting caught in the middle of the scuffle.

“The disturbance at the Italian restaurant at a shopping center on Main Street has been confirmed by the Tiburon Police Department.

“When police officers arrived at the scene at around 8.25pm Tuesday, they found that Savage and his attacker had each placed the other under citizen’s arrest.


“The 74-year-old radio personality was allegedly knocked to the ground and his 12-year-old dog was shoved in the melee. Another diner who tried to intervene was punched. 

“Both men accused one another of starting the scrap. After listening to Savage and the other man, officers let both go.

“A report of the incident will be sent to the District Attorney’s Office, which will determine whether or not to file charges in the case.

“Horowitz, Savage’s high-powered lawyer, said the popular right-wing radio presenter called him from the restaurant, sounding furious.

‘He said, “This guy can’t get away with that,”’ the lawyer told the paper.

“Savage, whose program draws up to 10 million listeners per week, claimed that his unnamed assailant knew who he was and had some type of ‘beef’ with him.

“Savage is known as a staunch ally of President Trump, earning him the nickname ‘Godfather of Trumpmania.’

“During the bruising presidential campaign, the real estate mogul was a frequent guest on Savage’s show, which the host used as a bully pulpit to clobber Hillary Clinton and whip up support for the Republican candidate.”

In a world where a majority of the mainstream media are against Trump, Savage is a stand out in supporting the president.

Sooner or later someone was going to knock him down and bloody him up.

But no one would ever get away with shoving Teddy aside.

‘Theodore Trueheart’ was the name on the pooch’s pedigree papers when Savage brought him home as a puppy from Tennessee.

“But don’t expect him to answer to anything but “Teddy” or “Ted” because Theodore Trueheart is only the name on his pedigree papers, and the always ready to gambol Teddy, much more casual than that, is one of the guys. (Canada Free Press, Nov. 13, 2006.

“Brine is in his blood. Teddy took to the sea as a mere pup, and longs to be right on deck anytime his master `mascot’ pulls up anchor.

“If Teddy had a favorite song, definitely it would be ‘Anchors Away’. If he had his doggie druthers, dolphins would be his primary playmates.”

Once after my column about Teddy appeared on the Savage Nation home page, Teddy became an overnight sensation.

“CFP received more letters about Teddy than Nancy Pelosi and any other politician written about in the same time period.

“That’s because the irrepressible silver poodle is cute on a good or bad hair day. Unlike the politicians of the day, Teddy can look you straight in the eye from the most soulful and sincere brown eyes. Like most pets, Teddy gives unconditional love. Politicians only take and always come back for more.

“But the best note of them all came from Teddy’s self-described “mascot” Michael Savage, who wrote, “Teddy purred when he read his fan mail!”

That’s the kind of love and loyalty the Tiburon alleged assailant will find himself up against in court.

Meanwhile what happened at the Italian restaurant at a shopping center on Main Street, confirmed by the Tiburon Police, should send a Teddy-inspired message to all Donald Trump supporters: ‘Watch your backs when you’re out alone on the street, and watch the backs of your beloved pets when accosted by heartless anti-Trumpers’.


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