This was a canary perched on a four-inch booster cushion as he was soft-balled questions by U.S. senators over Facebook’s data scandal yesterday

Facebook CEO Couldn’t Pull Off a Win for Hillary and Won’t Resuscitate Mueller’s Special Counsel Either

By —— Bio and Archives--April 11, 2018

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Facebook CEO Couldn’t Pull Off a Win for Hillary and Won’t Resuscitate Mueller’s Special Counsel Either
There’s a big fat ‘F’  showing on the back of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  But the ‘F’ on Zuck’s back doesn’t stand for Facebook, it stands for ‘FAILURE’.

Facebook, for all of its dominance over the Internet, for all of its billions stashed in world banks,  for all its downright braggadocio, is a failure, and a massive one at that.

Users thrown to the wolves by Facebook should shout it from the rooftops: During the heated 2016 presidential election campaign, Facebook failed to deliver Hillary Clinton to the presidency but in spite of its fast-talking CEO,  delivered Donald Trump instead.


Corrosive hatred in political and media life blossomed in Hillary’s stunning defeat and poisons everyday life for the masses.

But Facebook’s failure is one that’s been celebrated ever since the wee hours of Nov. 9, 2016, and one that is still celebrated to the current day.

One and a half years later, Facebook is the star of one of the biggest dog and pony shows ever brought before Congress.

Having lost the election after throwing all in with Clinton, Zuckerberg has been casting about for a new image.

Mark (call me Zuck) Zuckerberg had no choice but to recycle himself as a sing-like-a-canary sell-out to Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel.

“Facebook is working with special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Trump campaign interactions with Russian operatives during the 2016 election, company founder Mark Zuckerberg told Congress on Tuesday. (Washington Times, April 10, 2018 )

“Mr. Zuckerberg first said his company had gotten a subpoena from Mr. Mueller, then paused and said he wasn’t sure if there was a subpoena but his company is sharing information with the investigation.

“He declined to go into more details.

“Our work with the special counsel is confidential,” he said, testifying to the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees.

Untold millions of Facebook users thought their phone numbers, children’s photos and other personal information was confidential too.

“Mr. Mueller’s probe began as a look into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to sway the 2016 election. While Russian operatives did attempt to affect the election and some Trump figures had contacts with Russia-connected persons, no collusion has yet been publicly identified.” (Times)

Until that is, Zuck ever so conveniently happened along.

This was a canary perched on a four-inch booster cushion as he was soft-balled questions by U.S. senators over Facebook’s data scandal yesterday.

“The thick cushion, the same shade of black as the chair, gave the 5ft 7ins billionaire a boost in height behind an ornate wooden desk.” (Standard.co.uk, April 11, 2018)

Props come in handy for shorties and politicians alike, even when someone gets to post on Twitter: “Wonder if they gave him crayons and a coloring book also.”

“In his opening testimony, he said that his company has taken several steps to restrict outsiders’ access to people’s personal information on Facebook.
Mark Zuckerberg: ‘It was my mistake and I’m sorry.’ (Standard)


What can a poor little rich boy say after he says, “I’m sorry”?

Plenty,  if he happens to be ratting out a president for the Robert Mueller witch hunt.

How about a reboot of Donald Trump and the Russians stole the election from Hillary Rodham Clinton for starters?

Information is now forthcoming from the only source that can ‘prove’ that the Trump-affiliated data mining firm, Cambridge Analytica improperly accessed information from 87 million users to try to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

Given its role during the election campaign, Facebook is anything but a neutral or credible source.

All but forgotten is that proof of Facebook’s abysmal failure in trying to install Clinton as America’s 45th remains online.

There is little doubt that Facebook worked to prevent the election of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign.

As far back as May 2016 Facebook employees were asking in an internal survey “What responsibility does Facebook have to prevent the election of Donald J. Trump?” (The Atlantic, Associate editor Robinson Meyer, May 17, 2016)

Zuck said at the time: “We will not use Facebook to influence voters”.

How bitter the pill for the progressive-left that President Trump’s digital director Brad Parscale admits Facebook helped generate the bulk of the campaign’s $250 million in online fundraising.

“Our biggest incubator that allowed us to generate that money was Facebook,” says Parscale, who has been working for the campaign since before Trump officially announced his candidacy a year and a half ago. (Wired, Nov. 15, 2016)

Clinton, her mentor Barack Obama and their supporting cast of Dems in Exile must have been after Zuck’s scalp from the time they first heard it.

With the help of Congress, Mark Zuckerberg is making a comeback in time for this year’s midterms.

Mueller now seems to be resting his Russia conspiracy case on a man 33, going on 15.  Anyone who would smear his own clientele as “dumb f**ks” for trusting him would have to be 33 going on 15.

Zuck couldn’t pull the election off for Clinton with all of his Facebook might.

He won’t be able to pull Mueller’s special counsel out of the misery of its going-nowhere standstill either.

Meanwhile election 2016 proved that Facebook was no longer a social media but a partisan organization that grew into a monster courtesy of millions of insipid ‘likes’  when it crossed over from social media status to that of just another MSM Fake News outlet.


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