Yes, fake news works. It gets the job done. And, in the end, satan gets to drag all of his lying partners into hell with him. And I guess in that sense, he 'wins'.

Fake News Works

By —— Bio and Archives--July 4, 2017

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In the 21st century, satan has found a home. Jesus called the devil a liar and the Father of Lies. He said that when he lies he is speaking his own language - because the truth is not to be found in him. And as I have said - just as the bank robbers often wear the uniforms of bank guards or police, so the very real adversary of our souls laces everything he does with at least the appearance of truth. It’s how deception climbs into our lives. It most usually clothes itself as hard fact. And the further humans stray from our responsibility to “make sure of all things for ourselves and to tightly hold onto the things that are good and true” (another Bible passage, 1 Thessalonians 5:21 - my paraphrase), the easier it is for liars to survive and prosper.

Making things worse is that people are quite impressionable. Again, the Bible is filled with warnings from God to be cautious in our discrimination and judging from what we see and hear. Jesus called us sheep precisely because our behavior can be sheep-like. Any shepherd (one who must daily anticipate and deal with the behavior of sheep) will confirm that a flock of frightened sheep can instantly follow the dominant leaders of the flock into danger and death, sometimes right over a cliff. I have heard it said that the most common view of sheep is usually just the hind ends of the sheep in front of them. Knowing that alone, I can understand the Lord’s assessment of much of human behavior.

I have been around lawyers and courtrooms much of my adult life (as a law-abiding spectator). I have watched many lawyers imitate the following scenario when addressing a witness on the stand ... “Isn’t it true that you saw Mr. So-and-so get into his car and drive away after he committed the murder?” To which the opposing attorney will, if he is earning his wage, instantly respond, “OBJECTION! Counsel is leading the witness, your Honor! We don’t know that Mr. So-and-so committed any murder!” To which the examining attorney will just as instantly return with: “I withdraw the question, your Honor.” But the seed was planted, nonetheless. And that was all the attorney wanted to do. Jurors are impressionable - because they are people. He planted his seed to shape an opinion.

It was in the same manner that Barack Hussein Obama could stand up and rattle off the words that would result in more racial hatred, division and violence. He could do that knowing that three or four sentences, paragraphs or interviews later, he would simply do what so many professional politicians are artists at - use more words to cover his tracks. In every black college graduation address the Obamas delivered, they would resurrect the memory of white (Southern Democrat!) racists including the KKK, doing violence and making foul remarks about black people. In all her eight years Michelle was always busy exacerbating racial irritation, just as often as she could, by using incredibly inflammatory references to things that had long been dead and forgotten - and which had NOTHING to do with the graduation. But, afterward, as soon as it was convenient and in front of the same group of cameras, both Obamas would laud their “tireless efforts as interracial peacemakers.” What hypocrisy.

But especially with today’s lightspeed electronic communication, that is where we are today. Professional politicians and their allies the liberal media are just like experienced shepherds. They fully anticipate the naïveté, short attention spans and impressionability of their audiences, who no longer put forth any effort to make sure of anything (beyond perhaps doing an occasional appeal to an obviously left-leaning Snopes). (I encourage my readers to verify the accuracy of Snopes, especially “fact checker” Kim Lacapria).

YouTube is overflowing with video examples documenting liberal liars, starting with our former chief exec. and including ‘news’ journalists, lying their heads off. Most people will never take the time to go looking for these mini-documentaries that only take a few minutes to review. Others want to believe that journalists still have ethics (some still do). So I have gone to the trouble of featuring a couple of examples with this article. A lot of people will contest their authenticity simply because they don’t want to believe it. Nevertheless, time remains the greatest enemy of liars (whose words always come back to expose them).

Obama Lies Compilation

Top 10 Fake News Stories of 2016


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Lies distract us from the really important things that can destroy us as a nation

In a little momentary squabble I had with a former liberal Facebook friend (she unfriended me shortly after this), I was given the left’s prevailing definition of ‘fake news’ ... When I told her about a Muncie Indiana Muslim who had choked an elderly woman while screaming out his little Jihadi yell, ‘alahu akbar!!” She responded, “It didn’t happen! You can Google it for yourself! It’s not on CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, NPR, PBS - none of them!” I did, and she was right. It was a genuine piece of news that first appeared in a Muncie paper, ‘The Ball State Daily’, and then spread like a rash around the Internet on all sorts of grassroots conservative publications. But the big six seemed to have missed it. So, to her and a growing number of Americans - it simply wasn’t real.

But the thing about fake news is that it really does its job - whether it sticks or not - and it works in a lot of ways that most people seem to overlook. In hindsight a fake story isn’t just made up in order to defame somebody or to build a resistance that otherwise wouldn’t stand on its own (although that certainly does happen as well). In effect it quite cleverly achieves a number of things. For one, just like the shifty attorney who wants to, bit by bit, subconsciously sway the minds of his jury, the words of fake news are aired and will indeed make at least a first impression. But unlike that captive jury in a box, MANY of the trusting Americans who hear a lie in the daily barrage of voices shouting for attention will not later be in front of a television or radio (or see a tiny paragraph buried in the gardening section of a newspaper) when some lame ‘correction’ might be made.

And lies distract us from the really important things that can destroy us as a nation.

The time that is wasted in a nation fumbling around with ‘scandals’ that don’t even exist is more time for the cancer of simple division and its festering rancor to continue in disintegrating what’s left of our unity and strength. As I have said many times, Donald Trump has got to be the single most slandered and berated president in all of American history. Everybody, from an outraged liberal media/entertainment industry trying to regain its control - to nearly every second rate, has-been actor or musician pursuing a mother lode of free press - has of late climbed aboard the “I Hate Trump” train like sucker fishes hanging on a great white shark.

What the liars don’t realize is that their ‘clever’ craft is unweaving the fabric that has allowed them to saddle the legacies of honest journalism

And so many ‘sheeple’ are joining in and climbing aboard that train because - just like sheep - they feel great insecurity if they are not seen as a part of the crowd. And the hammer of ridicule keeps them in line. The same feeble mindset that assembles and perpetuates a lynch mob now comprises the “ungovernable” rabble that constitutes a usurping ‘shadow government’ built by treasonous liars who run from the truth like roaches from a kitchen light.

Now, finally, the authors of fake news are beginning to be exposed for what they are: sheep in wolves’ clothing who lie for a luxurious living. In reality they are in league with a very real devil who won’t let them back out of the deal. In making dirty laundry where there is none to be had, they are making money at the expense of the world’s only nation that was neither created nor held together by anything other or stronger than the truth.

What the liars don’t realize is that their ‘clever’ craft is unweaving the fabric that has allowed them to saddle the legacies of honest journalism. They are undoing themselves and don’t have a clue what’s coming their way. In making merchandise out of the poor trusting sheep (who have always depended upon them for enough vital truth to form life-saving opinions and decisions) they will have killed their own cash cows. Just like most parasites, the big money liberal media/entertainment won’t stop sucking until they have killed the host that has kept them alive.

Yes, fake news works. It gets the job done. And, in the end, satan gets to drag all of his lying partners into hell with him. And I guess in that sense, he ‘wins’.

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