FBI changed the interpretation of “fugitive from justice”

By -- Victoria Vaughn —— Bio and Archives--November 28, 2017

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If you are a fugitive from justice that has not crossed a state line, your name will not show up in a background check through the FBI data base.

If you did cross a state line you are then a fugitive from justice and will be flagged during a background check. Theoretically, same crime but in one case you would be denied for purchasing a gun and in the other case you would not.

Why is this? Because in their infinite wisdom, the FBI changed the interpretation of “fugitive from justice” last February. Since 1998 180,000 fugitives were barred from buying guns. One has to wonder how many of the newly permitted people purchased a gun since last Feb. Once again, it isn’t a lack of laws it is a lack of common sense and enforcement that puts Americans in danger.

The dictionary definition of a “fugitive from justice” is a criminal, crook, outlaw, felon. It says nothing about patterns of movement. The definition of fugitive is a runaway, fleer.

I guess if you commit the crime and buy the gun within the same state, it’s OK. But commit the same crime and go to the neighboring state, then you are a fugitive and can’t buy a gun. No joke. Check it out.

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