Ahmed Mohamed and his "clock"

Federal judge nixes Clock Boy religious discrimination lawsuit

By —— Bio and Archives--May 22, 2017

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The child exploited by CAIR and President Barack Hussein Obama to create the false impression that America is a seething hotbed of Muslim-hatred had his nonsensical religious discrimination lawsuit tossed by a federal judge in Dallas.

I am referring to Ahmed Mohamed, the teenaged poster boy for “Islamophobia” whom the Council on American-Islamic Relations relentlessly pimped as a victim. In fact, Mohamed is a bomb hoaxer called Clock Boy by some.

The young Sudanese-American made headlines when he was suspended Sept. 14, 2015, from MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, for bringing a disassembled clock that resembled a bomb to class. He was also arrested and processed by police, leading his father and others to complain he was treated with inappropriate roughness.

Lawsuit sought unspecified compensatory and punitive damages

In civil action No. 3:16-cv-2283-L, Judge Sam A. Lindsay of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas described the sequence of events CAIR and its allies in the mainstream media focused on:

Despite A.M.’s insistence that the device was an alarm clock, and not a bomb, the police officers present in the room forcefully pulled him out of his chair, handcuffed him, and arrested him. Id. ¶ 60. The police officers took A.M. to the police station and “booked him as a criminal, with mug shots and fingerprinting—all still without his parents.” Id. Thereafter, A.M.’s father arrived at the police station and, as he waited to see his son, Officer Howman came to speak with him and informed him that A.M. had been arrested for taking a “hoax bomb” to school and that he was still being processed and fingerprinted. Id. ¶ 63.

Here is a police photo of the “clock”:

The legal proceeding was initiated by Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, who sued on his minor son’s behalf, claiming Ahmed’s rights under the Equal Protection Clause, the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act had been violated.

On May 18, Judge Lindsay dismissed the lawsuit which sought unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. (Read the judgment here.)

“Plaintiff does not allege any facts from which this court can reasonably infer that any [Irving Independent School District] employee intentionally discriminated against Ahmed Mohamed based on his race or religion.”

According to the Daily Mail’s summary, the judge noted that “the suit failed to identify any policy, custom, or practice of the City that was allegedly the moving force behind any violation of Ahmed’s Fifth Amendment rights.”

Ahmed uses his platform as a celebrity to publicly whine about how bigoted he thinks the United States is

The newspaper reports:

When the lawsuit was first filed in 2016, the district hit back at the Mohamed family’s allegations saying Ahmed deliberately disobeyed his teacher by activating the clock despite her warning. The judge said the [plaintiff] failed to allege any facts from which the court could reasonably conclude that Ahmed was discriminated against based on his race or religion.

Since Ahmed’s arrest, he has become an international star touted worldwide as a victim of so-called Islamophobia, which itself is a bogus term invented by Islamists to silence criticism of the Religion of Peace. WND has reported on various school disciplinary actions, including “weeks of suspensions” handed out to the unruly student. Ralph Kubiak, a former history teacher of Ahmed’s, described him as a “weird little kid” who built a remote control to interfere with a classroom projector. He said Ahmed was the kind of child who “could either be CEO of a company or head of a gang.”

Ahmed uses his platform as a celebrity to publicly whine about how bigoted he thinks the United States is. “If I was a Caucasian male, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten arrested,” he said. CAIR, an Islamist front group that poses as a Muslim civil rights group, gave young Ahmed its “American Muslim of the Year” award, which came in the shape of a clock.


Continued below...

Ahmed was feted at the White House by President Obama

Ahmed was feted at the White House by President Obama. Before meeting Obama, he said, “I’m going to talk to [Obama] about, like, how hard it is growing up in America. It was pretty hard living in America and going to school being Muslim.” Obama previously tweeted in support of Ahmed, praising his so-called clock, and inviting him for a visit: “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”

And before attending the White House love fest, Ahmed went on a tour of Islamic theocracies overseas. He visited Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Sudan, embracing its genocidal president, Omar al-Bashir, an inspiration to jihadists everywhere who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

It is unclear if the father plans to appeal the dismissal of the lawsuit.


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