Federal prisons:  1 in 5 people were born outside the country and 64% of those were illegals

By -- John Bryant —— Bio and Archives--December 26, 2017

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In Federal prisons across the United States, 1 in 5 people were born outside the country and 64% of those were illegals. 37,557 Federal prisoners shouldn’t even be in the country. If one can assume the state prisons and local jails reflect the same numbers, there is a lot of money and resources being burned that could and should be used to solve other law enforcement problems.

These figures were released by the Department of Justice as required by President Trump. These are not good, hardworking, people, yearning to be free. These are criminals who did crimes serious enough to land them in federal lockup. It’s easy to be a bleeding heart until you lose a loved one to illegal drugs, drive by shootings or random acts of terrorism.

Towns across this country are struggling with overdoses in alarming numbers,  children are left without a parent or sometimes both. Sadly, this is a trend within our power to curb and reverse. But we can’t do that unless we agree on the obvious points. There is no rational argument for allowing people into our country who do not follow the lawful procedure, who cannot be identified, that we do not know where they live, who cannot support themselves and their families, and who have criminal backgrounds.  Yes, we are a country of immigrants, just not these sorts.

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