It is easier to employ panic as a tactic when you move in the make believe world of Alice in Wonderland surrounded by Hollywood stars and non-elected czars

FEMA lives at your house

By —— Bio and Archives--January 12, 2012

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It’s Harum Scarum time between now and November 6, and separating reality from the lies and propaganda will be necessary to outwit the $1 billion re-election Barry Soetoro Obama campaign.

Right after election, Obama dove into Alice in Wonderland mode with a “secret” White House Halloween Party in 2009.  Even as the mainstream media was advising all to “cut him a break” in a wait-and-see strategy for the newbie President, the Obamas and their hanger-on Hollywood friends were symbolically celebrating dropping America down the Rabbit Hole.

For America, it’s been Alice in Wonderland all the way ever since.


Johnny Depp may have turned up at the White House Halloween party dressed as the Mad Hatter.

But in real life Obama is the Mad Hatter.  ...He’s late, he’s late for a very important date—The Fundamental Transformation of America.

Everything coming from the Obama Regime from now until Election Day is intended to panic the masses to get them to stampede out of Dodge, or to keep them hiding in homes but far away from Tea Party activity and conservative blogs.

The unveiled message to the masses: We’re capable of ‘disappearing’ Americans by rounding them up on suspicion of terrorism and keeping them under lock and key without due process. (National Defense Authorization Act)

The reality is that as far as is known no one’s been “disappeared” yet.  Yet untold numbers are trying to get off radar and worry that they’re coming to take them away.

They’re monitoring journalists including Internet website giants like the Drudge Report, and their all encompassing definition of journalists now includes bloggers. (DHS: privacy compliance review)

Far-left power brokers who control most of the media have been monitoring journalists for decades.  One of their biggest parlour tricks is their use of drones to write and threaten boycotts to the advertisers of the newspapers and websites who hire them, forcing victimized reporters and editors to move on to another job where the same practice takes place.

The only new about power broker potential for disappearing acts and monitoring journalists/bloggers is that Barack Obama gets to boast about having power over the little people and frighten them back from dissident activity into hiding.

FEMA is stocking barbed wire camps with food and water as if they are expecting lots of company.

The government does not need to round up people via FEMA.  They already have the ability to control you in your own home.  Government now knows through Smart Meters when you’re home or away; how much power you use and effectively curtails your ability to choose certain products, like Mr. Edison’s incandescent light bulb.

The Big Government noose around the neck of its citizens has been tightening all along.  The government made a FEMA prison camp out of your home a long time ago.

Many tricks will be pulled out of Obama’s Rabbit Hole before Election, with plenty of help from an ever-encroaching United Nations, each one of them designed to scare you out of your wits.

Like the Marxist statist he is, Obama wants to stampede Americans into full panic.  It’s all part of the Rules of Saul Alinsky.

The best news about Obama’s Harum Scarum campaign is that he wouldn’t need it if he was absolutely certain about the results of his $1 billion re-election.

It is easier to employ panic as a tactic when you move in the make believe world of Alice in Wonderland surrounded by Hollywood stars and non-elected czars.  People living in a reality where their children and grandchildren rely on them for their safety and security let the panic happen to politicians and movie stars.

Repeat to yourself everyday:  We patriots will not panic even if Obama’s ego suspends Nov. 6 elections.

Like their hero George Washington, Patriots will deal with whatever comes.  They have children and grandchildren to protect, houses and jobs to preserve.

When the going gets tough, real people get going, and in so doing leave it to the politicians and their running-dog celebrities to descend down to the Hades that sheer panic brings.


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