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By -- R. Earl Warren—— Bio and Archives--November 28, 2017

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Back in 2013, in order to help then President, Barak Obama, secure his Judicial nominees, Harry Reid killed the filibuster rule.  Effectively he prevented Republicans from blocking Obama judicial picks.

Well, here we are in 2017, there’s a new President in town and he is making nominations to fill a lot of vacancies. And, thanks to Harry Reid, the Democrats can’t use the filibuster. So, the Dems are thinking (scheming) out of the box. They are trying to use an arcane rule that dates back to when communications were carried by horse and buggy. Essentially, it allows states to hold up nominees while their Senators review the qualifications.

Senator Chuck Grassley, Chair. of the Judiciary Committee, has nixed the use of the blue slip rule. He feels, as do most Americans, that they are using it to replace the filibuster and he’ll not allow that. Thank goodness. We need our judgeships filled in order for our country to function.

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