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'Data is the new oil': Your personal information is now the world's most valuable commodity

Five Biggest Data Companies Like Oil Barrons

By —— Bio and Archives--August 26, 2017

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Data is the new oil’: Your personal information is now the world’s most valuable commodity

I noticed a few weeks ago when I tried to post a comment under a YouTube video while on my laptop, after I pointed the icon onto the comment section, it showed my full first and last name and that if I posted a comment, that I would be agreeing to setup a YouTube channel. What???

Firstly, why would I want to use my full legal real name if I have never posted a video to YouTube and why is Google trying to sucker me into exposing my full legal name??

Getting as far away from Android/Google/Big Data as fast as I can

So, i’m going to dump my Android BlackBerry phone and get as far away from Android / Google/ Big Data as fast as I can.

The notice that Ican advance order the new Apple iPhone 8 starting showing up from my phone company as a text message, is probably the way to go to try to hide from the Google-in-my-underwear spying machine.

I will use a phony name and a new Hushmail email account when my Apple gets delivered to try to hide away from the Google spy master.

It is perfect timing as my two year phone contact expires in November and the Apple iPhone won’t be delivered until sometime in October or November.

The iPhone 8 has the new very small 14nm computer chips which use very little battery power because they work smarter and the Octa-Core system allows it to split all the processing into two parts and work many times faster which saves power and reduces heat.

I have never put bank data, credit card numbers or other info on my phone or my last 4 computers. I keep all my old cell phones.

No Social Media accounts, No Banking, No shopping, No Pictures

Nobody gets any info about me or my contacts that way. I have never had a Facebook page, a Twitter account, Tinder or other normal modern social apps and I don’t have any other social media accounts of any kind, ever.

I refuse to send my picture to the website Canada Free Press as a writer for that website, because i understand the risk of having my ugly face out in cyberspace. I’m faceless.

I refuse to buy anything from Amazon or other online stores because they keep all your data. Same with eBay. I’ve never bought or sold anything through them. Nada.

I’ve not linked my email to my computer for the past 14 years which has prevented me from being hacked. It’s Big Data that is hacking me.

I must copy and paste to move information from my computer to my Yahoo email account. Yes, it takes some extra effort to do things like that but I don’t get hacked. I’m off the grid.

I can post a comment under a YouTube video using my BlackBerry Android phone and it only shows my first name and the first letter of my last name as I originally set it up.


Continued below...

Why is my laptop trying to get me to pull my pants down to show the real me?

I never had a Gmail account before but since the BlackBerry Priv is an Android type phone, I was forced to set up a Gmail account to be able to get the phone to work for the normal BlackBerry apps.

Why is my laptop trying to get me to pull my pants down to show the real me? I’ve been trying to keep a very low profile for over ten years and now Big Data is trying to get me to join its penal colony.

My IP address for the internet is under my landlord’s name so THEY can’t possibly get any information about me through that.

Why does my laptop, again, no banking or credit card information info ever on it, want to try to force me to set up a YouTube channel and why does it want to force me to use my full legal name just to post a comment? I refuse to do that so I’ll never be using my laptop to post a comment on YouTube.

I have what I think is the best antivirus on my computer, cell phone and tablet. I use Kaspersky. It even prevents phishing through text messages. I update it every morning from the Dogpile page before I open any website. I don’t Google for info, I use Dogpile.

I use a secure hidden IP from my Opera when I visit the Drudge Report website because that sucker tries to get all your data if you link onto that site. The same with Breitbart News, I use a hidden face.


Cyber sex change

When I set up my new laptop two years ago, I was in another province and downloaded the new computer software updates on a secure IP address. I even set up a brand new email account for the new computer at the same time. I was trying to be a ghost.

When I get my new Apple iPhone, I won’t ever post a comment under a YouTube video. Ever.

Maybe because the NSA has all the info on enemy of the Deep State-watched Paul Begley,  now Big Data is exposing me. Is the NSA leaking all my info just because I have contact with Paul Begley? That’s just plain mean.

I’ve got it. I’ll get a cyber sex change. Yes, when I get my new iPhone 8, I’ll use a female name by pretending i’m a woman. The bank can issue a new credit card in my pretend wife’s name and i’ll use that new female credit card to pay for the iPhone. Take that, Google.

Next thing you know, they’ll be saying that I voted for Hillary just like 3 million dead people. I was trying to play dead for years and years but the only thing it did for me was to put me on Hillary’s voting list.

And I don’t even live in the U.S.A.

Mark Smyth -- Bio and Archives | Comments

A former member of the S.A.E. (Society of Automotive Engineers), Mark Smyth has had a lifelong love for machinery.  Driving a tractor on his family farm at age 4, he raced boats and cars during the 1960s and 1970s, both powered by gasoline and alcohol fuels.  Having even used hydrazine (rocket fuel) as a fuel additive in drag racing, Mark learned all about synthetic lubes from a chemist who developed the very first synthetic lube oils to be certified for U.S. military specs back in 1952.

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