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A former member of the S.A.E. (Society of Automotive Engineers), Mark Smyth has had a lifelong love for machinery. Driving a tractor on his family farm at age 4, he raced boats and cars during the 1960s and 1970s, both powered by gasoline and alcohol fuels. Having even used hydrazine (rocket fuel) as a fuel additive in drag racing, Mark learned all about synthetic lubes from a chemist who developed the very first synthetic lube oils to be certified for U.S. military specs back in 1952.

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Jan 6, 2019 — Mark Smyth

The Canadian federal carbon tax
The Canadian federal carbon tax on methanol is going to be 2.2 cents per liter on April 1st.

  • It’s 3.1 cents on 105 octane propane also known as LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas.
  • It’s 4.42 cents per liter on gasoline.
  • It’s 5.16 cents per liter on kerosene,  which is also basically diesel fuel and jet fuel except for different additives.


Jul 27, 2018 — Mark Smyth

The new Ontario Premier Doug Ford will use his power to reduce the number of seats on Toronto city council from 47 seats to 25 seats.

Each Toronto city councillor gets paid $125,000 plus extra money for sitting on various boards. Office expenses run another $50,000 plus. There are at least two staff members for each city councillor. Some have more than two staff members.

Five Biggest Data Companies Like Oil Barrons

Aug 26, 2017 — Mark Smyth

Data is the new oil’: Your personal information is now the world’s most valuable commodity

I noticed a few weeks ago when I tried to post a comment under a YouTube video while on my laptop, after I pointed the icon onto the comment section, it showed my full first and last name and that if I posted a comment, that I would be agreeing to setup a YouTube channel. What???

Firstly, why would I want to use my full legal real name if I have never posted a video to YouTube and why is Google trying to sucker me into exposing my full legal name??

Ontario Home Tax Gives $150 Million to Gov

Apr 21, 2017 — Mark Smyth

The new Ontario home tax for offshore buyers will raise about $150 million for the first 2,000 homes sold. That guesstimate will be mostly one bedroom condos selling for $250,000 and another huge percentage of those 2,000 homes selling in the middle half million dollar range.

That’s at a tax rate of 15 percent based on the selling price. For a two bedroom condo selling for $500,000 that rate will give $75,000 to the government of Ontario and Canada.

U.S. Air Force Using Old A10 Warthog & U2 in Korea

Apr 4, 2017 — Mark Smyth

I watched the late rebroadcast version of NBC news Monday night with host Lester Holt at an American air base in South Korea.

Oldies are goodies as both the A10 Warthog and the cold war spy U2 plane are both used there and Holt gave us a close report of both.

Great footage from inside the chase car that follows all the takeoffs of the U2 extreme high altitude jet. It has been flying since the 1950s and flies at an altitude of 100,000 feet over North Korea so that the midget dictator cannot shoot it down. That 100,000 feet is 19 miles high.

CBC Canadian Media Fails to Know ABC Bias

Oct 25, 2016 — Mark Smyth

Polls favorable to Donald Trump may be overestimating his support, state polls suggest

One point that this article fails to mention is that the LA Times poll takes a cross-country read every day from 3,000 people, making it more accurate than most other national polls, that are only one-third the sample size.

And that same LA Times poll mentions that Clinton is ahead by one point, but failed to be honest by reporting a lead for just one day for Clinton in over 8 weeks in the exact same poll.

Socialism Failure in South Africa—15 Years

Apr 20, 2009 — Mark Smyth

For 15 years the ANC, a commie based political party, that has ruled in South Africa for 15 years is running into some very stiff opposition in the upcoming election.

Alberta Heavy Crude to be World’s cleanest production

Jun 30, 2008 — Mark Smyth

For those who were not aware of the joint statement from the 76TH ANNUAL U.S.  CONFERENCE OF MAYORS  in Miami this past week, to boycott Canadian gasoline  made from oil sands heavy crude, pay very close attention.