So, Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders, de Blasio and Zuckerberg, get your act together to understand that no one, government or conglomerate can supply health, happiness or purpose for another human being

Flaws in liberal “logic” regarding the budget

By —— Bio and Archives--May 27, 2017

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One unremarkable guest (didn’t get his name, in any case) appearing on the Intelligence Report on FBN emphatically asked how poor people are served if the budget is cut that goes to the very people who provide the services? What he didn’t understand is that the budget allocated to administrators only fuels administration. For the most part, a minor percentage makes it into the pockets of those meant to be helped and certainly doesn’t further the goal of assisting them to no longer need services.

My mistake, that’s not the goal of government these days, is it? The goal, which is so evident by the Left’s banshee cries about a budget that halts the egotistic growth of administration, is to proliferate bureaucracies—generally because that is Congress’ definition of job creation and maintenance. Employment in the private sector (which is what government programs should be encouraging) gets poor people to the point of self-sufficiency; administration of entitlements and benefits, to be PC about it, keeps poor people in bondage to the services that serve them poorly.

Really, Chuck Schumer? Your party went eight years without ever passing a budget. That’s make-believe governing

So, when the president’s budget was announced earlier in the week, you knew reality had fled when the comic book villain calls it a “comic book villain” budget. Really, Chuck Schumer? Your party and mascot managed to get us through eight years without ever passing a budget. That’s make-believe governing.

Consider the other insightful commentary regarding the budget coming from the Left this week…

“What did the middle class ever do to Donald Trump that he is taking it out on them in this budget?” Really, Nancy Pelosi? What has the middle class ever done to deserve democrats stealing their healthcare to cover illegals and able-bodied folks who refuse to work?

“Grotesquely immoral.” Really, Bernie Sanders? You who blubber about income inequality while taking the DNC payoff of a luxurious lake house? Your third house, looks like.

The budget is “an attempt to implement ethnic cleansing…” Really, Pastor Dwayne Royster? Who’s the one promoting racial division with asinine statements like that?

“It is not an overstatement to say that some children will die because of this.” Really, Bill de Blasio? The “overstatement” was that citizens could keep their doctor and would have costs diminish by $2500. If anything, Obamacare has decreased access to healthcare among families because of the inflated rates for coverage and deductibles.

Facebook empire is lodged in virtual reality. Despite its name, there’s nothing ‘face-to-face’ about it

Even Mark Zuckerberg, although he wasn’t specifically targeting the president’s budget in his commencement address to Harvard graduates, promoted the ideology of the Left—“We can fight climate change.” Really? Millennials recognize they are “citizens of the world.” Really? Everyone should have a “universal basic income.” Really?

The problem with every one of these comments is that not one is based in fact or a common understanding of the real world and a real world economy. Of those opining, only one has made a fortune in business but the caveat is that his multi-billion dollar Facebook empire is lodged in virtual reality. Despite its name, there’s nothing ‘face-to-face’ about it.

Zuckerberg misses the obvious truth that people are not homogeneous and their hopes, dreams and “purpose,” that he stressed, are not the same. Example: an ISIS member’s purpose is to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with his view of the Quran. His idea of “citizen of the world” is that the “world” revolves around his particular brand of islam and all must become adherents. There’s no room for anyone like Zuckerberg who thinks mankind can or even has the desire to coexist.

Each of the foolhardy concepts that not giving freebies to people will cause their demise and probable death is the exact opposite of what actually occurs. It is immoral and discriminating to debase everyone to the level of universal basic poverty (er, income); to assume and assign a sense of purpose based on some nebulous humanistic concept of what ought to be good for everyone.


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At the core of all this do-gooder philosophy is nothing. Literally, nothing

At the core of all this do-gooder philosophy is nothing. Literally, nothing. Purpose can’t be built on idealistic pie in the sky that has no substance, and creating false idols like climate change, income inequality or someone’s idea of allah won’t work. They are not a substitute for individual drive and purpose based on a true spiritual connection to God, because these idols are powerless man-made godlets.

The president’s budget (bet you thought I forgot about that) is crafted to begin to return government to the hands of citizens by allowing them more control over their own lives, and purpose. Anyone who has been the recipient of government benefits (welfare, food stamps, even Social Security or Medicare) knows that they give up their privacy in order to receive the pittance. And with disability or SS, the recipient is limited in what they can earn or do to be productive for fear of losing those benefits, meager as they are. Where’s the grand sense of purpose in that? To endeavor not to earn too much or attempt to work at all?

The argument of liberals, democrats and socialists is self-defeating. Giving away a little and acting like it fulfills the ultimate goal of health and happiness is the real death sentence of individuals and, eventually, societies. This is the decline in purpose that opened the door to islamists overrunning and demolishing Europe to the point where Western cultures on the other side of the Atlantic aren’t recognizable. Why? Because the indigenous people no longer have purpose. It was stolen from them by governments that replaced individual purpose with collective purpose.

So, Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders, de Blasio and Zuckerberg, get your act together to understand that no one, government or conglomerate can supply health, happiness or purpose for another human being. That is something that must be instilled on their own with the guidance of parents, teachers and mentors who have common sense and a sense of the Almighty’s hand guiding the world, individual by individual.

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