• Focus on resources hurts tech sectors
• Canadian manufacturing gets a wake-up call

For decades raw lumber has gone to Asian countries to be returned as floor boards and cupboards

By --L. G. Anderson—— Bio and Archives--May 19, 2017

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You could NOT write a better letter than the one written by M. L. Clark of Camrose.

For decades raw lumber has gone to Asian countries to be returned as floor boards and cupboards etc. Because we lack ‘refining’ ability of crude oil, it is shipped out as ‘cheap’ (along with technology jobs).

Repeatedly politicians report how rich we are in raw resources while resulting is dependencies on the getting the raw unprocessed products out just to add to their government coffers. YET the imports manufactured overseas with our raw material, where both human and worker rights and poor quality control have been allowed into our country with NO impunity – except to us as high tech jobs are NOT developed.

The ‘brains’ of our elected officials to understand this is while has been absent, (as so well put by M. L. Clark), and our ability to keep trained and brilliant minds in our country has been abysmal.

It is time to start to turn this country around fast and invest in ‘getting it done’ at home.

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