But tonight’s Conservative victory in Ontario has released a new battle cry: “One down (Kathleen Wynne). One to go” (Justin Trudeau).

Ford Nation Sweeps Ontario

By —— Bio and Archives--June 8, 2018

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Ford Nation Sweep Ontario

Just as thousands of ‘Unplug Wynne’ lawn signs read, Ontario unplugged from Liberal rule tonight in a provincial election that gave a majority landslide victory to Conservative Doug Ford.

Who ever thought they would read in the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper that, “The province of Ontario is now a Ford nation”?


“Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford capped an improbable rise to power Thursday, winning the Ontario election, with a majority government and banishing Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals into political oblivion after almost 15 years in office.” (Robert Benzie, Queen’s Park Bureau Chief, Toronto Star, June 7, 2018)

Scribes and talking heads of the mainstream media reported on the disappointment of the New Democrat Party, whose polls which indicated a win did not materialize.  But the people who matter most, the farmers, pensioners and plain folk were elated to have their province rescued from the free-spending Liberals after 15 long years.

The province of Ontario, once the economic engine of Canada, had fallen into a ‘have-not’ province during Liberal rule, now having to lean on federal financial support (Equalization payments).

Ontario has the highest electricity rates in all of North America courtesy of the Liberals’ green energy policies.

Shamefully over the last few winters, the elderly living on fixed incomes, many of whom had to give up their homes,  had to decide whether they could buy groceries or pay hydro bills.

Though you’d never know it by tuning into many of the lib-left leaning television networks covering election results, Ford defeated both Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals—who had conceded their loss days before the vote was even in—and the Andrea Horwath’s NDP.

Even with the MSM piling on him during the campaign, Ford, a former Toronto city councillor and businessman, managed to signal voters that he was a fiscally responsible outsider, promising to cut government waste and putting money back into voters’ wallets.

“Tonight we have a sent a clear message to the world: Ontario is open for business,” Ford said in his victory speech in Toronto.

“I promised to deliver a strong, stable majority government and together we did that. Together we made history. We have taken back Ontario, we have delivered a government that is for the people.”

“Ford won his seat in Etobicoke North, the symbolic heartland of “Ford Nation,” the catch-all term for the unwavering, core supporters of late former mayor Rob Ford, Doug Ford’s brother. (CBC)

In his victory speech, Ford became emotional as he thanked his brother.

“I know my brother Rob is looking down from heaven. I’m just getting chills talking about him right now. I know Rob is celebrating with us tonight. We owe so much to Rob’s legacy,” Ford said.

Tonight’s Ford landslide victory is bound to send chills down the spines of the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau-led Liberals in Ottawa, who will face voters in 2019.

Trudeau, who identifies as a Feminist but is losing popularity with women voters, has been spending his time of late joining up with former U.S. president Barack Obama in fighting President Donald Trump.

But tonight’s Conservative victory in Ontario has released a new battle cry: “One down (Kathleen Wynne).  One to go” (Justin Trudeau).


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