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Fire officials expect to fight massive Canada inferno for months | Fort McMurray Wildfire in Alberta Could 'Double in Size' Over Weekend | Work camp housing wildfire 1st responders forced to evacuate

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By —— Bio and Archives--May 8, 2016

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Fire officials expect to fight massive Canada inferno for months
LAC LA BICHE, Alberta –  The images are ones of devastation — scorched homes, virtually whole neighborhoods burned to the ground. And Canadian officials say they expect to fight the massive wildfire that has destroyed large parts of Alberta’s oil sands town for months.

A gigantic multi-fire blaze burning in the Canadian city of Fort McMurray that has forced tens of thousands of people out of their homes was expected to continue its rapid growth, officials said Friday.
NBC News

Work camp housing wildfire 1st responders forced to evacuate
Inside the city, police are going house to house, looking for people who may have been unable to leave

Fort McMurray (Canada) (AFP) - Police were still working Saturday to evacuate residents left behind in the Canadian city at the epicenter of the country’s ferocious wildfire, nearly a week into the disaster.

Monster Canadian fire threatens to DOUBLE in size while more than 80,000 devastated residents are forced to evacuate

Residents at oil field camps north of Fort McMurray, Alberta got a sobering drive-by view of their burned out city as a massive wildfire forced them out on Friday.

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Rescue workers retrieving pets in aftermath of Canadian wildfire
WANDERING RIVER, Alberta (Reuters) - Emergency workers in Alberta are joining a grassroots effort to rescue pets trapped in homes after a massive wildfire forced their owners to leave without them.

Some residents stay behind in evacuated Fort McMurray







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