The Navy's top lawyer stands accused of unlawfully meddling in criminal cases targeting America's elite commandos

Free SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher...and Others

By —— Bio and Archives--February 17, 2019

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Free SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher…and OthersChief Eddie Gallagher is a highly decorated Navy SEAL with over 19 years of honorable service to our country. Since September 11, 2018, he has been separated from his wife and children, and locked up in pre-trial confinement in the military brig. Chief Gallagher is being charged with killing an ISIS fighter and now awaits trial with the possibility of facing life in prison.Forged

According to Chief Eddie Gallagher’s many friends and family he is the victim of a couple of vindictive FNGs (...‘Fresh’ New Guys) who didn’t approve of Gallagher’s leadership style and set out to sabotage him with trumped up charges. So far, they have been successful.


The charges against Gallagher are lame, to put it mildly. Some would call them laughable.

Two high-ranking Iraqi military leaders with close ties to the SEALs cast doubt on the case military prosecutors have formed against Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward “Eddie” Gallagher, who’s accused of murdering a wounded prisoner of war, according to records provided to Navy Times. Their transcribed interviews contradict nearly every aspect of the federal case against Gallagher, 39, who faces up to 18 criminal counts, including premeditated murder…. —Carl Prine “NCIS documents cast doubt on Navy SEAL’s guilt in slaying of Islamic State fighter

Chief Gallagher’s military resume is exemplary. He served as a Marine sniper/corpsman before going through BUD/S and becoming a SEAL in 2005. He has gone on eight combat deployments to, among other places, Afghanistan and Iraq. Gallagher has been recognized as SEAL Team 7 Sailor of the Year, and Naval Special Warfare Group 1 Sailor of the Year. His awards include:

  • Bronze Stars with V for Valor
  • Meritorious Unit Commendation
  • Presidential Unit Citation
  • 2 Navy Commendation Medals
  • 3 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals—1 with V for Valor
  • 4 Good conduct awards

On his last deployment to Iraq, Eddie led his platoon in the hellacious battle to take back Mosul from ISIS. Of all the SEAL chiefs deployed during 2017 to fight ISIS, he was named the most professional, and was selected by his superiors to train incoming SEALS. In sum, Ed’s career is a testament to professionalism, gallantry and honor.

Yet, despite a pristine record and reputation, Eddie now stands wrongfully accused of war crimes—of killing a dying ISIS fighter on the battlefield—though there has never been evidence to prove it. As a matter of fact, there are mounds of evidence that exonerate him. Investigators have heard from eyewitnesses who say the event never happened. There is video and photographic evidence that clearly calls into question the accusations. There is also well-documented motive for his accusers to fabricate stories.—Sean Gallagher “Plea from a Navy SEAL’s brother

In a nutshell, at the risk of being too succinct, here is what happened that put Chief Gallagher in prison: During an intense firefight against ISIS in Iraq a severely wounded ISIS fighter was brought into an area controlled by Gallagher and his fellow SEALs. Wishing to keep the ISIS fighter alive so that he could be questioned, Gallagher (who was a trained corpsman) and another medic performed an emergency tracheotomy on the ISIS fighter trying to save his life. Their efforts failed and the fighter died, end of story.

Except it wasn’t the end of the story. During that same firefight Chief Gallaher had a run-in with a couple of new SEALs who questioned his leadership. Gallagher essentially gave the new guys a verbal slap on the wrist and told them to straighten up. So far so good, until everyone got back to the states, and the FNGs came up with a tale about Chief Gallagher killing some poor innocent ISIS fighter by stabbing him in the neck.

They were afraid of criticism, they were afraid of being known as someone who didn’t want to fight; who actually would quit. That was the seed, and that seed has grown into this treacherous plant where the [Navy] investigators took these false and malicious allegations against Eddie at face value.—”Team Never Quit Podcast

Leaving aside the duplicitous FNGs for now, the question arises of why Navy lawyers would be so quick to believe the worst about a warrior with a distinguished track record for bravery, honesty, and valor.

There are a couple of pertinent reasons. The first is that pencil pushing desk-jockey REMFs (Rear Echelon Mother…well, you get the idea), even if they are in a war zone, are so far removed from tip-of-the-spear action that they might as well be ensconced in the Pentagon back in DC. That is, they have scant understanding of the realities of frontline warfare.

The other problem is a witch’s brew of envy, ignorance, dislike, and ideological/political disconnect. Eight years of Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” saw many of America’s finest warriors being forced out of the military, or leaving in disgust at what they saw happening to their beloved armed forces. Which left a number of people, especially in the Pentagon, who were, and are, supportive of Obama’s left-wing globalist agenda.

It is no news that Democrats favor open borders, are stealthily (and not so stealthily) anti-American (”America was never that great”), and promote “most favored status” for Muslims. Military lawyers who share such views would not find it hard to believe the worst about Chief Gallagher and ignore the wealth of exculpatory evidence.

The US armed forces are unquestionably the best fighting force in the world, and I salute the patriotism of all branches of service and the men and women who serve in them, but, BUT, eight years of Obama left their mark on the US military…more of a stain actually.

I bring this up because not only should Chief Gallagher receive a presidential pardon ASAP—yesterday would be better—but there are a number of American warriors unjustly imprisoned for doing their patriotic duty and putting their lives on the line to keep America safe.

Warriors such as Marine Major Fred Galvin who was railroaded by a “perfect storm of toxic officers.” The Navy recently admitted that he had been “falsely accused of war crimes.”

The report said that Galvin should be promoted to lieutenant colonel and given back pay, while also removing the negative reports attached to his record that were associated with the false accusations. Galvin was pleased that the department had finally admitted he was wrongfully accused.—Bill McMorris “Navy Acknowledges Railroading of Marine Operator Falsely Accused of WarCrimes

And Army Special Forces member Major Mathew Golsteyn

Colby Vokey, a retired Marine JAG who is now a civilian attorney specializing in military law, said that…the case has been complicated by the length of time the Army has taken…and perceptions that the Army went after this because of bad publicity.—Todd South “Trump said he’ll review the case against an Army Green Beret charged with murder

Then there’s the case of SEAL Senior Chief Keith Barry, “who was court-martialed and convicted of rape in San Diego in 2015. He received a sentence of three years in prison and a dishonorable discharge. He has completed his prison term and left the Navy SEALs, but is appealing his conviction in hopes of restoring his reputation.”

The key question in the case of Keith Barry is whether the Navy’s top lawyerVice Adm. James Crawford IIIand Rear Adm. Patrick Lorge illegally conspired against the SEAL.

The Navy’s top lawyer stands accused of unlawfully meddling in criminal cases targeting America’s elite commandos, [including Barry]...a Navy SEAL who had been deemed not guilty by his admiral and other officers.

Retired Rear Adm. Patrick Lorge, former commander of the San Diego-based Navy Region Southwest, alleged that he wanted to overturn Barry’s verdict because it lacked sufficient evidence—but didn’t do so partly because of pressure from Crawford. Lorge claimed that Crawford encouraged him to let Barry go to prison partly to help preserve the Navy’s reputation and appease the Obama administration….—Carl Prine “Navy’s top lawyer accused of illegally targeting SEAL commandos

UCI (Unlawful Command Influence) has been deemed the “mortal enemy of military justice.” Last fall the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces found that Vice ADM Crawford III was guilty of UCI and had illegally meddled in SEAL Chief Barry’s case. The court “tossed out the highly decorated commando’s 2014 court-martial conviction and barred the armed forces from ever trying him again.”

Okay, good. Very good. But there are too many of America’s warriors still unjustly imprisoned and/or convicted of crimes they did not commit. At times it seems as if the military’s JAG Corps prosecutors declared open season on American troops some years ago and believe that the hunt goes on.

In any event, please go to #FreeEddie and find out what is happening in regard to Chief Gallagher. Perhaps you can purchase a Free Eddie T-shirt at Forged—owned and run by former SEALs. Write/call your Congress critter and raise some hell. Suggest to President Trump that he set Chief Gallagher free now. And the POTUS might want to form a board, a committee, a whatever, to look into why in the world so many of our patriotic warriors are being, and have been, punished for doing their duty. The situation has been, and is, beyond outrageous.


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