What's going on in Iran? June 2009 Green Revolution

Freedom’s Green revolution

By —— Bio and Archives--June 18, 2009

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This could be one of the most important events for the future of the Middle East. Don’t give in to apathy or prejudice.

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Photos taken from the news, flickr, twitter, etc. Thank you Iranians for providing them.

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Real-time news:

The Iranian people voted for their presidential elections last week. Unexpectedly, the results showed a strong majority for the current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The ‘hand counted’ results were announced only hours after polls had closed.

After campaigning and celebrating just the week before, the people took to the streets again, to protest. They reject the stolen election.

However, their government has cracked down hard.

Peaceful protests have been infiltrated by agents trying to incite violence and panic. Government-backed Basij militia terrorize the population, especially at night. Dozens have been killed already, bludgeoned to death or shot. Many have been arrested and disappeared. Phone and internet service in Iran is sporadic and heavily filtered. Satellite dishes, computers and phones have been confiscated or destroyed in raids. Reporters have been confined to their hotels or sent home.

This has been going on for days now.

Iranian state TV has only been showing lies, propaganda and staged videos. They paint the image of isolated pockets of young dissidents, influenced by foreign powers.

In reality, people are rising up together across Iran against the crackdown, in a display unseen since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. They are calling for a reformation of the country into a truly democratic state. This would change the politics of the Middle East completely.

Spread the word about what is happening, and support the people of Iran.


Lyrics to the song:
A distant and familiar sadness calls to us
As if carried on the wind, like burning sand
Brothers and Sisters, away, you endure
Stranded on our own land
A memory etched into soul and skin
Leaves a scar that never heals
Our family is strong, but scattered
Across the stars and fields
We will not abandon you
We will not forget you
We will return for you
By Bear McCreary.


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