Gold Star Mother Susan Price Note to Republican Congress and Senate Not Supporting Mr Donald J Trump for President!!!

Gold Star Mother Susan Price Note to Republican Congress Not Supporting Trump for President!

By —— Bio and Archives--October 11, 2016

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A Special Message from this Gold Star Mother to you Republican Congress and Senate who do not support our Presidential Candidate Mr Donald J Trump.

America’s FUTURE hangs in the BALANCE, from where I stand,  and by you not supporting Mr Trump you are relinquishing your Vote to the enemy from within.  This makes you a contributing factor to all the issues in need of change.

You are handing over our America to a woman who has committed TREASON and TYRANNY against Americans, using her political platform with her back door deals with Foreign Nationals….Americans see exactly what’s going on with manipulation of those using the peoples Government against us with the aid of the MEDIA and various Corporate Operatives.

Mr Donald J Trump represents the peoples’ Voice, Hope, Healing and Restoration….As a Gold Star Mother, a part of my future has been erased from history as my son gave his life for the freedoms and rights that our Christian~Judeo Country was founded on.

Know that you will NOT be supported by myself and others like us should you not support Mr Trump. We will NOT allow you to take away our seeds of hope for our tomorrow.

God Bless Mr. Donald Trump and God Bless America!!

Gold Star Mother


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Susan L. Price is a Marine Gold Star Mother and national voice for justice. She will soon begin lecturing and information on her upcoming launch can be found at her web site: priceforjustice.com

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