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Susan L. Price is a Marine Gold Star Mother and national voice for justice. She will soon begin lecturing and information on her upcoming launch can be found at her web site:

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Gold Star Mother Susan Price Note to Republican Congress Not Supporting Trump for President!

Oct 11, 2016 — Susan Price

A Special Message from this Gold Star Mother to you Republican Congress and Senate who do not support our Presidential Candidate Mr Donald J Trump.

America‚Äôs FUTURE hangs in the BALANCE, from where I stand,  and by you not supporting Mr Trump you are relinquishing your Vote to the enemy from within.  This makes you a contributing factor to all the issues in need of change.

Gold Star Mother and Politics of the American POTUS against the Republican Presidential Candidate

Aug 2, 2016 — Susan Price

Not so fast Mr President, This MARINE GOLD STAR Mother has a Message for you!!!

Americans will choose their own President…It is NOT FOR YOU to tell us who to vote for this November 2016

As a Nationally recognized Gold Star Mother who supports Mr Donald J Trump for office of President of the United States of America in 2016, and a man I have personally endorsed, I cannot and will not sit back and listen to the most EGREGIOUS Verbal attacks any longer by this current POTUS, Opposing Candidate, the Liberal Media, and the Elite who grew in Power as they hijacked our highest seats in government using these positions as their personal Endowment plan.

What Memorial Day means to me as a Gold Star Mother

May 30, 2016 — Susan Price

They say History repeats itself on all fronts of life and death,

That being said, my maternal great-grandmother and I share a generational-bond in the form of an atrocity, experiencing the tragic loss of a child by what is referred to as “THE FOG OF WAR”.

Birthdays, Holidays, especially Memorial Days are filled with the “bittersweet memories” each year as I grapple with my inherited place in time, knowing one of mine is now in spirit.

Gold Star families represent less than 1% of Americans, yet our loss represents “ALL AMERICANS”.  Our sons and daughters, husbands and wives served our country in uniform, giving up their today for our tomorrows natural born Liberties.

Mother’s Day Blessings with Heart from Gold Star Marine Mom

May 12, 2013 — Susan Price

It is everyday that my family and I honor Aaron’s life: he was truly a “Beacon” in this world. These times we live in, there has been too many of our “WHITE KNIGHTS” Men of Honor and Valor lost to the consequences of war, stellar life snuffed out as payment toward a hidden “AGENDA”.

Well…NO MORE…I think in protest…as my thoughts take me to my projects at hand….

This year as I celebrate my Mother, Daughters, Grandchildren and the “Gift of Life”,  I am sending out healing to all my Gold Star Mothers around the country, included in my Special Prayers are the families and survivors of the Benghazi Tragedy.