Once God gets his hands on you, the devil has LOST another victim - FOREVER!

Good News In A World Full Of Bad News!

By —— Bio and Archives--April 9, 2018

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Good News In A World Full Of Bad News!
I heard a story years ago about a British college student, a Christian young man in the 1800s, who was having great difficulties with his very sarcastically outspoken atheist philosophy professor. Daily, in the closing minutes of his class, his prof would read some verse or Bible story and then make jokes about the Bible and brutally ridicule anyone of his students who had ever expressed belief in God. On one particular day the teacher singled out the young man and laughingly demanded that he explain the ‘deeper meaning’ behind the seventh verse in the fourth chapter of the Song of Solomon. The professor first read the verse in a mocking tone, “Thou art all fair, my love, and there is no spot in thee.” “So-called Bible scholars say that this is actually God addressing his Christian children! How in the world could anyone arrive at such a stretch?!” The class was silent as the student he had singled out quietly stood up and answered, “Sir, the entire Bible is indeed God’s love letter to His children. And you have, in your many pitiful criticisms, perfectly illustrated the fact that one shouldn’t be reading other people’s mail!”


The church - that is to say, all genuine believers in the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the remission of our sins - is indeed constantly the target of this world’s ridicule and hatred. Jesus himself warned us that His people, His true followers, would be hated for no good reason other than our visible affiliation with Him! (John 15:18, Matthew 24, etc.)

When I was just a kid I went and saw the movie, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. Years later I saw Franco Zeffirelli’s unequaled masterpiece, “Jesus of Nazareth”. And after that, not that many years ago, I was one of tens of millions of people who lined up to see “The Passion”. During all of those movies I was consistently dumbfounded at the abuse Jesus and his followers were taking for simply doing right and heralding unvarnished truth. Historically it can be shown that those two things can earn you a lot of trouble. Practicing righteousness and speaking truth are, in this world, most often seen as completely unacceptable behavior. (And I don’t pretend to have mastered either.) As I have often said, though, political correctness is the devil’s ‘morality light’ (easier on the conscience but so popularly accepted)! Nevertheless, the real Jesus and the godliness that accompanies Him won’t win you many friends - ever.

It was at the end of my college years that I first discovered Jesus - and shortly after that, what a separating qualifier He would become in helping me to discover who were my real friends. I had just finished up a bout with drugs that nearly cost me my life. I was almost in my grave when I called out to Jesus to save me. And he did! Within weeks of my conversion my heart started beating normally again. My health began returning, and I was sleeping like a baby. I was finishing up my last semester, living strong and with new direction. I felt better than I had in years.

Some friends had come to town for some convention, one weekend, and they called me up to ask if I could help them locate some good dope. The phone rang at nearly midnight on a Friday night. The voice on the other end was cheery and asked, “Yo! Dave! Some friends and I are in town and we’re looking for some ‘refreshments’! Who are you buying from down here?” Half asleep, I answered, “Wow! Guess what! I don’t do that anymore! I found Jesus, man! Let me tell you about Him!” My suddenly former friend on the other end of the phone - hung up! And that was the last time I ever heard from him.

That was years ago. And today the name ‘Jesus’ used in the present tense and in the context of His life and ministry as detailed in Scripture, is more despised than ever before. Truly, the battle is heating up between the people of God and God’s determined adversary, satan. And that is no wonder. God’s New Covenant is the perfect covenant for the craziness of 21st century fallen mankind! It is unfortunate that a lot of people have the idea that you have to be perfectly holy in order to find God. You don’t! You simply have to be sincere! When I first cried out to God, I was a practicing hell-raiser who had very nearly played his last card. In my first prayer to Him I said, “Lord, forgive me of my sins and take over. I’ll try my best to do right ... But I also had to add, “Father, if anyone can screw this deal up, it is certainly me!”

And He, being just who He is - God Almighty - took me in, anyway. He knew just how rebellious and cantankerous and ridiculously foolish I was and still can be today. And the GOOD NEWS of the gospel is that His Son’s death on the cross is bigger than all my imperfection! That’s one of the reasons I love telling people about the GOOD NEWS of Jesus’ offer of salvation! It’s because I know that if I can help anyone to find a living relationship with the real Jesus of Scripture (and there are lots of counterfeits and cults to avoid, these days, just as we are warned [Matthew 24, 2nd Corinthians 11:4, etc.), I don’t have to ‘work the warranty’ on that ‘sale’. Because God will complete the work He starts in anyone who will truly call upon Him! (Romans 10:13) And He will do that to His own satisfaction!

So, you don’t have to BE holy to meet God. But you will most assuredly be MADE holy BY God THROUGH your adoption to Him. And that is one of His many glorious promises. (Philippians 1:6) And God NEVER breaks His promises.

That GOOD NEWS is one BIG reason why the devil so much hates Jesus and His followers ... It is because of the TRULY GOOD NEWS they bring. And it is because, once God gets his hands on you, the devil has LOST another victim - FOREVER! Jesus promised concerning His children, “I give them ETERNAL LIFE and they shall NEVER perish.” (John 10:28) That’s why so comparatively little of this GOOD NEWS is making it to the streets nowadays - without a fight: The devil cannot afford the damage that such a wonderful plan will inflict upon the the ruin and deception he intends toward fallen mankind.

The GOOD NEWS of Jesus’ Gospel is God’s love letter to you - straight from His heart. Today, I hope you can hear His call and be quick to open that letter!


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