HRC public relations ripoff: Google 1 percenters will have craftily cancelled out the voting franchise of the American people

Google/Dems deadly duo whitewashing Hillary Clinton’s Past

By —— Bio and Archives--April 14, 2015

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The jury’s still out on where Barack Obama was born, but a new squeaky clean, shrill-less Hillary Clinton is about to be re-birthed by mighty Google.

Seven years ago the Democrats gave America a Manchurian candidate presented from faux Greek columns as the world’s new messiah.  Obama and his manufacturers promised the Fundamental Transformation of America, but went out to fundamentally transform the Free West while they were at it.


A whopping 60% of Democrats want Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) as their next president.  They have decreed America has to have its first woman president “because it’s time”.

This time the Democrats, Marxist liars holding public office, have joined ranks with the world’s largest search engine, with intentions to foist upon a largely unsuspecting America, the First GOOGLE Woman President.

No other politician ever got off to a presidential run with a scrubbed clean slate, but that’s what Google—self-proclaimed owners of the truth—will do for (HRC).

Hillary Clinton, America’s 1st ‘Google President’
How do you stop a Google Goliath from plagiarizing The Truth?

The Hillary Rodham Clinton millions recognized as the Secretary of State who infamously shrieked “What difference does it make?” during the hearing into the Benghazi scandal she blamed on an obscure anti-Muslim video will be ‘Googlized’ into the perfect no-warts-or-pimples presidential candidate.

HRC, who Obama says will be an “excellent president”  will be freshly laundered, (starch-removed) , purified, sanctified,  and perfected for a presidency that the Democrats in league with Google will make all but inevitable.

Modern photography airbrushes all defects from models on public display.  Google, the same organization that helped make Obama’s ‘Arab Spring’ possible, will whitewash Hillary Clinton, showing only her good side.  Count on the bad side of HRC never being seen during the 2016 presidential race. 

For HRC everything’s about to come up gilded digitalized lily style.

Going, going, almost gone is the Judas of Benghazi, who as Obama’s Secretary of State,  ignored the pleas for help from Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Fast fading from Clinton’s well-known image is the shrill and the shriek.  With Google controlling all traffic to all websites and blogs, surfers of the ‘Net will have to go back pages upon pages just getting back to what is the true-life HRC.

How to break through the glass ceiling of this PR ripoff?

Frame the truth about HRC with plenty of hard copies before Google buries it.  Have plenty of printed copies on hand to get out to your contact list and friends before the truth is made all but impossible to find.

Even with the Obama administration nationalizing all things American, emails and snail mail still work.

Better still, news sites should create specialized data bases for all things HRC. 

After all her outrages, it should be impossible for anyone to recycle Hillary Clinton, but not if you operate within the ranks of the lying Democrats.  If you have reached the giddy heights of the world’s largest search engine with the ability to suppress the truth on the Internet, anything’s possible and even downright doable.

Today’s throw-away society lives its life on the Internet; where Facebook ‘likes’ transcend love; where reputations can be ruined in140-character Tweets; where the Selfie is King’;  where trolls have the upper hand and where mainstream media smearing is an acceptable pass time.

Fresh out of the gate, HRC already has 3 million Twitter followers even though most of them are said to be in Iraq and Texas.

You can bet that the message “Hillary got into this race to fight for everyday Americans” (campaign manager Robby Mook)  will saturate communication with the chattering classes.

HRC ever so quietly stepped down from the board of her family’s Clinton Foundation the day after throwing her hat into the presidential race.  But nobody’s mentioned that the money from foreign countries is already in house.

HRC doesn’t drive and can’t type.  Neither can her hubby type.  They have flunkies do it for them.

Yet both wrote books and are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for their speeches.

Along with the image of being the ‘Rescuer of Everyday Americans’, HRC is now touting herself as a much tamer and mellowed out grandmother.

For the gullible who believe it would be impossible for the deadly duo of the Dems in league with Google to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear:

It’s not grandparent types and Tea Party patriots the duo is after for votes but the millions-in-number millennials.

Millennials don’t care about Communism/Marxism being on the march because as the indoctrinated graduating from today’s public schools, they were never taught what Communism is.

Meanwhile, the protesters are out there screaming about the wrong 1%.

Should they they succeed with their HRC public relations ripoff, (and who’s going to stop them?)  Google 1 percenters will have craftily cancelled out the voting franchise of the American people.


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