Trump shouldn’t worry. You can say “You’re fired!” a lot faster than you can say, “You’re Impeached!”

GOP Firing Blank Impeachment Charges at The Donald

By —— Bio and Archives--April 19, 2016

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The rot of yellow belly GOP cowardice runs all the way down from elected officials like the now deposed Boo-Hoo Boehner to some 121 GOP “national security experts” and beyond.

The national security experts the Washington Post calls “gurus” live in fear for their careers with the prospect of a Donald Trump presidential election victory.

In fact, quaking in their very leather boots,  they’ve traded in security detail for a kind of activism that sees them running around with an anti-Trump petition.


How can you be a national security expert if you ignore ISIS, allow the banning of the term “radical Islam” go by,  and be scared out of your wits instead by the term “President Donald J. Trump?”

You can’t make these things up.

“When the Republican foreign policy elite gets together these days, conversation quickly veers from challenges such as the Islamic State or North Korea to focus on two questions. How has Donald Trump come so close to becoming the party’s standard-bearer? If Trump were elected president, would any of them serve in his administration? (Washington Post, April 15, 2016)

“It’s the only thing we can talk about,” said Eliot Cohen, professor of strategic studies at Johns Hopkins University and a former George W. Bush administration official. He’s answered the second question by spearheading an anti-Trump petition, which now has signatures of 121 GOP national security experts.”

Imagine!  From the safety of their two-martini lunches or small talk around the office water cooler, this gaggle of security experts can’t bring themselves to talk about how to rid western society from the rampaging head-chopping Islamic State but how to get rid of Donald Trump.

These guys really know how to make the rest of us feel safe, knowing that they’re waiting in fear for November 8 when they and the rest of the world know who will be sitting in the Oval Office.

“Others are not sure how they would respond to a call from Trump. “Leaving any particular president completely alone and bereft from the best advice people could give him just doesn’t sound responsible,” said another former senior Republican official who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “(Washington Post)

No mention from Mr.Anonymous how President Barack Obama was left “completely alone and bereft from the best advice people could give him” while he deliberately gutted the Armed Forces of America.

“I would never say never, but it’s hard to envision myself,” the former official said. Many of Trump’s foreign policy pronouncements — retreating from NATO, targeting the families of terror suspects and tearing up existing trade deals, among others — are anathema to the Republican national security mainstream.

“In any case, the former official said, “I haven’t been asked.”

(That’s a relief.)

Feel sorry for millions of Americans who never got to hear the words Obama and impeachment in the same sentence in eight long years but are now hearing about a Republican plot to impeach Trump.

The Republican elite and their running dog mainstream media friends are making a modern-day Rasputin in over the top attempts to get rid of Trump.

An Internet spam indicating Trump would be killed before getting elected, incorrectly attributed to Bill Bennett,  is still going viral.

But assassination Republican Rasputin style is impeaching The Donald after election.

Yes, the I-word and Trump are now in the same sentence:

“‘Impeachment’ is already on the lips of pundits, newspaper editorials, constitutional scholars, and even a few members of Congress,” Rush Limbaugh said on his popular radio show yesterday.  “Even the mainstream Republican head of the US Chamber of Commerce recently tossed out the I-word when discussing the civilian backlash if Trump’s trade war with China led to higher prices on everyday items sold at Walmart and Target. (Rush Limbaugh April 18, 2016)

“And then I’m quoted here in this Politico story.  “On his radio show last month, Rush Limbaugh even put a very brisk timeline on it: ‘They’ll be talking impeachment on day two, after the first Trump executive order,’” I predicted. Well, lo and behold, yet another El Rushbo prediction comes true.  I just blew it by about six months.  They’re not waiting for the first Trump executive or order. They’re not waiting for Trump to even be inaugurated. They’re already talking about impeachment before Trump’s even got the nomination.

“What does that tell you?  They are scared to death.  I guess they think he’s gonna win.  They’re at their wits’ end.  If they’re talking about impeachment as a way of getting rid of Trump, you have to think that they’ve shot their wad getting rid of him during their primaries here.”

“Impeachment” was never on the lips of pundits, newspaper editorials, constitutional scholars,  a few members of Congress or the gaggle of national security gurus running around with their very own anti-Trump petition during Obama’s 8-year-long Fundamental Transformation of America.

Meanwhile, Trump shouldn’t worry.  You can say “You’re fired!” a lot faster than you can say, “You’re Impeached!”


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