The government is Google, and Google is the government

Government by Google

By —— Bio and Archives--April 22, 2015

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It was a mainstream media asking no questions that inflicted a Marxist president on an unsuspecting West in 2008, but it is Google that is keeping him there, and Google which is making the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016 all but inevitable.


As much as half of the U.S. population so fervently wishes otherwise, America-hating Marxists in office are there to stay, courtesy of the airtight power bestowed upon them by the most arrogant, powerful and influential company on earth: Google.

In an upside-down world, fraught with government-designed false flags meant to distract the chattering classes—the government is Google, and Google is the government.

You can still google the long-standing nepotism that exists between Google and the U.S. State Department, including Google high roller, Jared Cohen. The relationship between both parties is not only obvious but blatant.

Jared is the Google executive who helped masterminded Barack Obama’s so-called Arab Spring.

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Having joined Google from the U.S. State Department in 2010, Cohen was once a senior advisor for Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton.

Obama is, above all, a ‘Messiah’ brought into power and kept there by technology with the capability of 24-7 PR—a technology that now claims to own the Truth.

Once Washington discovered that allowing Google to run the show could keep them in office for a lifetime, it was all over for voters.

Just as Obama boldly boasted on October 31, 2008, “we are five days away from Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America”, his and Hillary Clinton’s digital Svengali Google Chairman Eric Schmidt bragged:

“We don’t need you to type at all because we know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less guess what you’re thinking about”...

This from the same constantly-at-the-White House braggart whose company rides on the motto: ‘Do no evil”.

Evil is the politics of the day and that’s what Google spends the lion’s share of its time master minding.

FoxBusiness savvy scribe Steve Tobak, who openly describes Google as “the new Evil Empire” points out: “Then things got even creepier when Schmidt said, “We don’t need you to type at all because we know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less guess what you’re thinking about.” Then he paused and asked, “Is that over the line?”

“Between Google Search, Gmail, Maps, Android, YouTube, Glass, Now, Books, Wallet, Chromecast, Wear, Nest and its alliance with car companies, Google now knows more about you than you do. It knows what you want, where you are, whom you’re with, what you read, what you buy, even what pictures and videos you create and look at.

“As Infoworld’s Robert X. Cringely so aptly put it, “Santa works for Google now.”

But in the imaginary world in which he lives, Santa Claus gives and never takes away.

Google, while leaning on the hypocritical ‘Don’t do evil’ motto, can even steal your DNA.

But even that’s not really laying out the real horror of Google in action.

The government is already spying on the masses through the NSA, FBI and CIA. Aside from the fact that Google is better equipped to so so, to quote Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it make” that creepy Google’s now in on the act?

In all of the “we don’t need you to type” hullabaloo, will We the People miss the boat that the 2016 presidential election is all but already in the bag?

Schmidt and State Department buddies have already proclaimed Google as the de facto ‘Ministry of Truth’.

The proclamation was followed by the sound of crickets and not public outrage.

What you will see and read on the Internet between now and presidential election day 2016 is only what the self-proclaimed ‘Ministry of Truth’ will allow.

Truth-telling conservative websites be warned: The Google Gag is coming.

Traffic to your website is already falling like last autumn’s leaves. The only truth is now Google truth and all other truth will be Google-suppressed.

More chilling than any other worry, President Hillary Clinton is inevitable unless the way can be found to kick Google out of the manufactured truth business.


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