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Government should not directly or indirectly be perceived as fostering exclusivity.

By -- Shirley Reynolds —— Bio and Archives--November 19, 2017

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Greek life, it’s called on the news. On campus they are called frats. What they are is exclusive clubs that, in some cases, practice bad behavior.

Isn’t there a bigger problem? Don’t these group create and foster division. They are a special club for those who are deemed to be worthy.

Yet in elementary schools across the country, better grades are often replaced with satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Youth sports hand out participation trophies to everyone and at younger levels they don’t keep score. Some High Schools have stopped naming Valedictorians. Given the the hue and cry for equality, there can be no justification for continuing an outdated system of social clubs that by their very nature create division.

Even worse is that taxpayer dollars provide about one third of the budget for universities via government tuition grants and loans.  Government should not directly or indirectly be perceived as fostering exclusivity.

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