Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Cow Fart Brigade

Green New Deal: Mademoiselle Methane, Killer of Cow Farts

By —— Bio and Archives--February 13, 2019

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Green New Deal: Mademoiselle Methane, Killer of Cow FartsEver since global warming guru former U.S. vice president Al Gore blamed the flatulence of farm animals for global warming/climate change,  he and radical environmentalists have been looking for a flatulence detector.

After long decades of searching, they found one in ‘Green New Deal’ leader New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Mademoiselle of Methane, a kind of self-appointed ‘Killer of Cow Farts’.

Many folk are now aware that most of the ideas in the ‘Green New Deal’ did not originate with AOC,  because in reality much of the draft text of Green New Deal is merely a revised version of “Leap Manifesto,” a socialist green-energy plan pushed by far-left environmentalists in Canada. (Fox News, Jan 19, 2019)


So it should come as no surprise that AOC was not first out onto the cow pastures exposing farm animal flatulence as a chief factor in global warming/climate change, that she’s convinced millennials will end the world within the next 12 years.

Canada’s Agriculture Department was on to the cattle long before Gore, the UN and AOC ever stepped forward.

“CAD spends a lot of time studying flatulence. ManureNet, a federal Government website, dedicated to manure management, keeps the public informed on the latest on flatulence. (Canada Free Press, Dec. 11, 2006)

According to now Rebel Media founder/publisher Ezra Levant in his book Fight Kyoto, “That’s where civil servants spend countless hours—and tax dollars—capturing and analyzing animal burps and farts.

“To cut down on the giggling, departmental staff, including the Minister, refer to these as “livestock emissions”, but there’s no getting around it: Our government believes that in order to meet our Kyoto obligations, we have to make cattle and sheep toot less.

“It’s no small thing—according to the government, emissions from animals and their manure make up 20 megatonnes of greenhouse gases each year—fully one twelfth the amount Canada must cut back to meet Kyoto’s targets.”

“Then there’s Environmental Defence Canada, an eco-activist group dedicated to fart-free living. In October 2002, they released a scathing 37-page report called It’s Hitting the Fan—pointing out that cattle and pigs nearly outnumber people in Canada, and all of those animals are farting—creating “foul odours”, “toxic vapours” and even cause “headaches”.

“Bob Friesen, president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, and his group fired back with their own press release, entitled Environment Group Spreads Manure:

“Animals produce manure, manure is spread on the land to grow crops, and animals eat the crops. It’s a perfectly natural and beneficial cycle,” said Friesen.

“The report presented to Turtle Bay by the Food and Agricultural Organisation, entitled Livestock’s Long Shadow, concludes that the main culprit in global warming has been under our noses all the time.

“Livestock are responsible for 18 percent of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together.”

“It’s official: Taking to the roads in an SUV’s got nothing on cattle flatulence.

Green-Not-So-New Deal, “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Cow Fart Brigade”

“Although cattle hold the worst offender category, all barnyard critters have a hand to play in greenhouse gas emissions, and Livestock’s Long Shadow includes damage done by sheep, chickens, pigs and goats.

“And it’s not just climate change that cud-chewing cattle can be blamed for.

“Cattle are catalogued as environmental bad apples and if nothing comes along to stop them they will double their damage to Mother Earth by 2050 as demand for meat increases.”

“As sure as it will snow in winter, in a classic case of mistaken identity, Gore misidentified the perp in his movie, an Inconvenient Truth as man. In global warming, the bad guy is the cow not the cowboy. But the box office has already made its big payday.”

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is calling the Green-Not-So-New Deal, “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Cow Fart Brigade.”


“Ya gotta love the sarcasm of The Donald.

In response to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Thursday-released Green New Deal—which Ben Shapiro labeled “one of the stupidest documents ever written”—President Trump praised the plan, calling on Democrats everywhere to support an imbecilic reform that gets rid of “planes, cars, cows, oil, gas & the Military.” (RedState, Feb. 11, 2019)

He added: “Even if no other country would do the same.”

Here’s the President’s hilarious tweet:


The Left indeed constantly shoot themselves in the foot — Trump’s election is the ultimate example of what their extremism wreaks. Because it…reeks. Voters were tired of the radicalism, so they opted for something completely different. Despite the odiousness of Dems’ and media’s treatment of him during the 2016 election, Donald J. came out smellin’ like a rose.

“Trump also thanked the stinky opposition in June:

“Please, please, please don’t remove Nancy Pelosi. And please keep Maxine Waters on the air as your face and your mouthpiece for the Democratic Party.”

In the meantime, comin’ atcha, ready or not, Mademoiselle Methane, the Cow Fart Killer.


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