Always Remember…’Without America there is no Free World’

Happy Mother’s Day, Canada Free Press Style

By —— Bio and Archives--May 14, 2017

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Happy Mother’s Day from Canada Free Press (CFP)  before the progressives disappear all mothers from their pretending-to-be-all-inclusive Super Gender List.

If you’re looking for a proudly Christian, conservative voice, holding high the flag of liberty and freedom through tumultuous times, the porch light is still on at CFP, beckoning all freedom lovers from often frosty lights, where only the deer still run free in the True North.

No matter the size of the number of liars feted by the mainstream media, the truth will ALWAYS out

Shackled by Google, Facebook suppression, as are most conservative news sites, riding out daily on a troll-infested horse that somehow escapes the barn, and not stopped by being ‘Harvaaard’ Library-listed as ‘Fake News’, CFP knows that anyone really looking for us will find us.

You can help by bookmarking CFP and sharing all CFP columnists you read with email friends.

Other than for recipe trading, you don’t need Facebook.

Don’t worry about being held hostage by Ransomware or tight NSA surveillance .  Do worry about being held hostage by ‘progressives’, who, with the support of the United Nations and the European Union,  are determined to drag world citizenry into a convenient-for-them One Word Government.

No matter the size of the number of liars feted by the mainstream media, the truth will ALWAYS out.  You just have to keep looking for it and insist upon putting patriotism and sovereignty first.

Always Remember…’Without America there is no Free World’

The screeching’s only getting louder because Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and company are now on the run.

Abortion-advocating progressives seek to honor the image of the word ‘Mother’ by laying bedraggled flowers on its grave.

Meanwhile, Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers, most particularly to the iconic Mother without whom there would have been no Salvation, and to all Mothers whose sons and daughters sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and for mothers of patriots carrying on the battle to return the country called America back to her dignified status as leader of the Free World.

Always Remember…’Without America there is no Free World’.


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Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax.com, Drudge Report, Foxnews.com.

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