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Herman Cain: A step above other GOP candidates

By —— Bio and Archives--October 18, 2011

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Once in a while, there comes a candidate that “up and grabs you” by the collar and demands you listen to the urgency of the time, the urgency of problems facing our nation. That person is Herman Cain.  No politician he is to me, he represents the working man.


The straight-talking presidential candidate is leading the presidential pack with his common sense approach to our nation’s problems—Cain has grabbed the attention of the American people.  He is able to connect with a large base of people who recognize the soundness and straight forward approach of his ideas.

Mr. Cain is a man who has earned and worked his way to the top.  He is a man with business experience who will know a little something about economics—to pull our nation out of this slump.  He is someone who respects free enterprise, and believes in the individuals’ ability through creativity and innovation to create jobs, wealth, and prosperity—not putting together useless “stimulus” packages that benefit no one in the long run.

CBS senior political reporter Brian Montopoli writes, “Certainly, the simplicity of his message - most notably, of course, in the form of his “9-9-9” plan - has captured primany voters’ attention.”

Of course in the same article, he questions whether Cain is knowledgeable enough to hold the high position from statements Cain has made before.

There is no perfect candidate, and presidents make mistakes.  But assuredly, America needs a man who is in tune with and believes in the American people without making empty promises. Someone who has a plan.  Someone who believes in America and her ability to pull herself out of the mire.

I’ve heard Cain reference former president Ronald Reagan, America as the “shining city on a hill.” He elaborated and said, “…but of late, that shining city on a hill has started to slide down the hilltop.”

Everyone knows running for president takes money.  Cain has so far raised 2.8 million over the summer and has 1.3 million currently.  This is a man who, to me, takes little resources/funds he has (compared to his competitors) and makes much use of it wisely.  He has certainly passed the pack of top contenders who have far more to spend and are using more methods to reach voters.

People are looking for a candidate that is not tied to big money and Herman Cain is it.  He does it his way and is having success at it.  That is the mark of true leadership.

You will expect no political correctness from this candidate. Yes the GOP is not immune to the political correctness trap.  If you want a no-nonsense man leading this nation, Herman Cain is that person who needs no-nonsense support behind him.

Montopoli continued: “Cain is essentially throwing out the playbook in favor of a seat-of-the-pants, cash-poor, lightly staffed operation that is leaving political insiders scratching their heads. If Cain is able to win the nomination, he’ll not only shock the political establishment, he’ll forever alter the way the political game is played. He might even shock himself.”


I believe America is ready for someone with fresh, new ideas ( Herman Cain’s 9-9-9: A vision for Economic growthVideo).

It’s time to put on our big boy pants and get to work to support Herman Cain in this critical hour!



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