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Felicia Benamon is a conservative columnist who writes from a political perspective, but occasionally deviates to write about other concerns facing her country. She comes from a military background and is currently a freelance reporter residing in Tennessee.

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Who has the best chance to beat Obama? Santorum, hands down!

Jan 4, 2012 — Felicia Benamon

As I daily look to God for guidance in my life, I tend to support Republican candidates who will acknowledge Him and His divine purpose, those candidates who put Him first. My last article threw support behind Rick Santorum. After researching him and finding him to be the most conservative candidate out of the GOP presidential nominee field, I see a strong candidate who is the best person who can deliver a major blow to Obama.

Santorum heads to the top

Jan 1, 2012 — Felicia Benamon

For some time in 2011, polls showing GOP presidential candidates have been topsy turvy, with “little-known” or unlikely candidates taking the lead at some point.

Behold His face this Christmas

Dec 24, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

“If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels.”- Mark 8:38, Luke 9:26 (words of Jesus Christ in the Gospels)

Be careful who you choose as the Republican nominee

Dec 4, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

I salute you, Herman Cain!  I salute you for your courageous stand against a relentless media that singled you out for deletion in your quest forward to become our next president.

Herman Cain MUST stay in the fight!

Nov 30, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

No doubt you’ve noticed the endless stream of accusers to come against GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. The process of choosing a nominee for the Republican Party for next year’s presidential elections has reached an all-time low, and should be allowed to take its proper course instead of the inflammatory sexual harassment allegations on a candidate.

May Christians be a Guiding Light

Nov 28, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

My last article, “Not Black Friday, Sad Friday touched on the subject of Black Friday and how people run after material goods just to please others to put under the Christmas tree on the 25th of December, or for selfish purposes.

Not Black Friday, Sad Friday

Nov 25, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not much more valuable than they?”—Matthew 6:25 (NIV)

Throwing all ethics out the window

Nov 10, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

In order for society to run smoothly, a certain level of respect should be afforded all people. That is how GOP candidate Herman Cain has sought to deal with people during this time running as a GOP candidate, no matter how much they try to smear his good name.  I DO NOT believe all the claims that, now, five women (who are supposedly hurt after all these years) were sexually harassed by Cain.

Ignore the smears, Mr. Cain

Nov 2, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

Wherever the source of the smears towards Herman Cain as of late comes from doesn’t matter. This is only a tactic to get Mr. Cain’s focus off his message and instead, he has to play defense towards allegations he was inappropriate toward a female in the late 1990s.

Momentum is Cain’s friend

Oct 28, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

Herman Cain continues his surge, picking up leads after the latest CNN GOP debate…a visionary who wants to take America where we stop doing the same things, expecting a different outcome and instead, change pace, change course.

Herman Cain: A step above other GOP candidates

Oct 18, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

Once in a while, there comes a candidate that “up and grabs you” by the collar and demands you listen to the urgency of the time, the urgency of problems facing our nation. That person is Herman Cain.  No politician he is to me, he represents the working man.

Getting America’s spiritual moorings in order

Oct 17, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

image…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” –2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV)

The United States sends missionaries and church groups overseas in evangelism, but at this present time, it is not far from the naked eye that it is indeed the US that needs spiritual guidance and help.

Recognize the need for a strong military

Sep 30, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

America has been blessed with the most gung-ho, “go for it or go home” military in the world.  But it continues to face cuts across the board.

Israel’s New Year of hope

Sep 29, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

Shana Tova! Lo Iyrah!  Do not fear Israel.

“The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save.” –Zephaniah 3:17

Isn’t it time for the UN to leave US soil?

Sep 23, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

The United Nations in New York City, USA has graciously opened its assembly to any member nation to express its thoughts about serious concerns facing the world.  I highly doubt that members of the UN had in mind when the body was formed in 1945, that the podium to discuss world topics would include diatribes against the US at its allies.

Yes, America Rises!

Sep 10, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

“See America rising, watch this eagle soar! Never give up! Never give in, never say die…see America rise!”—“America Rising” by Shari-Lynn Pitifer-Minetti and Rino Minetti

September 11, 2001

That day changed us all.  It brought us closer. We were awakened to the dangers that existed beyond our shores that came to our homeland in a violent way.  But did we shrink back when confronted with it?  No. We are America! America, the beacon in the darkness…that “shining city on a hill” former President Ronald Reagan spoke of.

Remain steadfast behind Israel!

Sep 5, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

Israel is under a constant barrage of rocket attacks while the world goes on with life, unaware.  Just because the media is silent on such incidents doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening.  While the U.S. media is focused on domestic issues—the 2012 presidential race and job creation issues, the U.S. is set to either back or forgo a vote on recognizing Palestine as a state and including them among the nations in the UN.

Unusual Happenings?

Sep 2, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

Last week, we saw destruction of Hurricane Irene slam the East Coast. We saw massive flooding take down businesses, homes. Roads were washed out. Lives disrupted.

God truly has shed His grace on thee America

Aug 29, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

God is always imparting His grace. Even in the midst of tragedy and suffering.  But what if a nation turns its back on that grace and hurts the heart of God? Does He stand idly by and allow for sin to mount and we not give an account at all for our deeds?

Tied up in Tripoli

Aug 23, 2011 — Felicia Benamon

Rebels have taken the Gadhafi compound in the city of Tripoli, Libya…the compound burning.

Celebrations have erupted as the rebels rejoice over their claim of victory over the dictator who has held power for over 40 years.  The fighting; ongoing since February.