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Hide your crown jewels, Canada, Obama is coming!

By —— Bio and Archives--February 17, 2009

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imageAn international network of environmental groups is trying to horn in on the agenda of President Barack Obama’s one-day inaugural trip to Canada on Thursday.

Called Obama2Canada.org, the group is represented by radical environmentalist groups like Greenpeace,  Environmental Defence and the Council of Canadians among others.

Obama2Canada.org made it to Federal City Digest in this morning’s Washington Post: “The lobbying in advance of President Obama’s trip to Ottawa on Thursday to meet with Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper is already in high gear, as Canadian environmental and community groups hold a telephone briefing today to discuss “the major cross-border climate and energy issues.” (washingtonpost.com, Feb. 17, 2009).

“The push comes on the heels of (an) ad in Roll Call last Tuesday from the alliance of 20 Canadian and American groups rallying under the umbrella of Obama2Canada.org that is seeking to make the local and global environmental impacts of oil extraction from the Alberta tar sands into a major issue in the bilateral discussions.

  “Canada supplies more oil to the United States than any other nation, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, and much of that oil comes from the tar sands through a process that makes it the “dirtiest on earth”, the group charges.  Expect Obama2Canada.org’s campaign to intensify over the course of the week; the effort is already getting a fair bit of attention in the Canadian press.”
With average people in America losing homes and jobs and in the face of Canadian job loss, only radical environmentalists would make the oil that comes from the Alberta tar sands “the dirtiest on earth”.
Radical environmentalism has already destroyed the North American automobile industry and needs a new push now that polls reveal that the chattering classes are much more concerned about the economy than they are the environment in a deepening recession.
On the cover of its homepage, Obama2Canada.org states, “We can not be on the path to fight global warming and build a clean energy future by ignoring the facts.  The tar sands are one of the most destructive projects on earth. (emphasis added). “They produce oil that has three times the carbon impact per barrel in the production process as regular oil while leaving a long term legacy of toxic tailings lakes and Boreal forest destruction.
“Tell President Obama that he needs to stay on course to a clean energy future.”
Some of the environmental groups in Obama2Canada.org advocate banning the use of Kleenex by the general public.
Interesting to note that the Council of Canadians is a member of Obama2Canada.org.  Longtime activist Maude Barlow, who heads up the Council of Canadians, was recently appointed as the United Nations Senior Advisor on Water.
Canadian UN Poster Boy Maurice Strong is on the public record predicting that water will have to be rationed by armed guards as soon as 2031. 
“The necessity of armed guards keeping the thirsting masses away from the water tap is part of the not too distant future.  Isn’t it odd that the same sources voicing alarm about the imminent scarcity of H20 just happen to be the same ones who own it?” (Canada Free Press, May 26, 2003).
But Ohama2Canada.org, which lists the Indigenous Environmental Network as a member has a proverbial fly in the ointment in the presence of The Mohawk News Network (MNN).  MNN claims that the Obama inaugural trip to Canada is really all about “hauling Indigenous water to the States”.
“They’re after our resources.  You can bet on it!” MNN warns, pointing out that “The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence watershed is part of Haudenosaunee Territory, “the largest surface fresh water in the world”.  (Full story on MNN warning in Canada Free Press tomorrow).
And speaking of resources, the Alberta oil sands—second only to the Saudi Arabia reserves—were described by Time Magazine as “Canada’s greatest buried energy treasure”, which could “satisfy the world’s demand for petroleum for the next century.”
Meanwhile, Free Press International is promising that “When the president and the beast come to town Thursday, the scene will be right out of a Hollywood movie.”
  “There will be a specially made limo—”the beast”—black SUVs, rooftop police snipers, U.S. Secret Service agents talking into their sleeves and bomb-sniffing dogs working overtime.
“Behind barricades, thousands of adoring fans will strain to get a glimpse of Barack Obama.  (At least they aren’t exaggerating it into millions).
“Homeowners and the few businesses along the Colonel By Dr. route, which runs parallel to the Rideau Canal, will be told they can’t open their doors or windows when the motorcade goes by.  Unlike in the movies, the manhole covers won’t be welded shut.
“Before Air Force One—a specially configured Boeing 747-200B—arrives in Ottawa, the air space will be closed.  Restrictions will be in effect around the city, affecting aircraft movements in and around the Ottawa International Airport from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
“The airport will be closed from 10:15 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. and then again from 5:10 p.m. to 5:55 p.m., which hints at Obama’s arrival and departure times.
And get this, not because Obama is POTUS but because, in the words of a senior security source asking not to be identified, “he is an international superstar and a head of state who will receive the highest level of security.”
Canada Free Press says, “Hide your crown jewels, Canada, Obama is coming!”

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