Obama is about to rob you of your most useful form of communication. Your world will go dark and silent overnight without the Internet

Hiding Behind ‘Global Internet Community’ the ravening United Nations Wolf

By —— Bio and Archives--March 16, 2014

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Like the bully taking candy away from the proverbial baby, high-handed President Barack Hussein Obama is giving away the Internet that is in no way his to give.  His latest act of out-and-out thievery graduates him from the most unpopular American president of all time, to Enemy of the Free World Numero Uno.


Beggars ride with legions of politicians claiming king status along the Information Highway,  and in terms of communication, it is all that the beggars really have.

The world has thrived on the Internet,  more valuable than any other asset of the average, making the world a Global Village since at least the late-1980s.

The Information Highway known as the Worldwide Web has been the main form of communication for everyday people,  and now Obama is taking it away from an America he loathes and, just as been long feared, is handing it over to the United Nations.

Make no mistake, the falsely named “global internet Community” they’re trying to sell is the ravening wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Borrowing from their UN masters’ use of innocuous names, Obama and Company are calling their latest rape and pillage move the “multistakeholder model of Internet governance”, as announced by Lawrence E. Strickling, assistant secretary of commerce for communications and information.

“We look forward to ICANN convening stakeholders across the global Internet community to craft an appropriate transition plan,”  Strickling said in a statement.

“The timing is now right to start this transition both because ICANN as an organization has matured, and international support continues to grow for the multistakeholder model of Internet governance,” Strickling said.

Now that ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has “matured”, it’s time for the greedy globalists to take it over.

Educated at Harvard Law, (aren’t they all?), Strickling comes directly from the Chicago cabal.

The multistakeholder model of Internet governance translates to UN Internet Grab.

Where does the mysterious “global Internet Community” live?  Not in cyberspace, but right there in New York at the multi-billion dollar, recently-renovated United Nations headquarters.

“On Nov. 16, 2005, the United Nations-sponsored the World Summit on the Information Society, held in Tunis, established the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) to discuss Internet-related issues” and have been going ever since.

The “transitional process”  for Internet takeover will begin March 23-27 during ICANN’s 49th public meeting in Singapore.  “All global stakeholders are welcome to participate in person or remotely” (ICANN, March 14, 2014).

Were the mainstream media awake, investigative journalists would probe who already had their hotel rooms booked before the meeting takes place because it looks like the “transitional process” is already a fait accompli.

Their own history of action proves that the globalists have used every excuse in the book for their coming takeover:

“Even as UN delegates meet to take control of the Internet in yet another Rio de Janeiro beach conference Nov. 12-15, Mike Smith, new UN counter-terrorism chief is calling the Internet as it exists: a threat.” (Canada Free Press, Nov. 13, 2007). “In other words all signs are GO for the UN’s long coveted takeover of the only thing still working, the Worldwide Internet.”

“If this sounds alarmist, remember that the world’s largest bureaucracy is already well on its way to take over Mother Earth’s seven seas with only petitions circulating on the Net offering faint hope that Congress will not ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty.

“The Internet is a real worry and I don’t think we’ve found the answer yet,” said Mike Smith, an Australian who starts work Monday as head of the United Nations’ Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate in New York.” (Reuters, Nov. 12, 2007).  “In the old days extremists used to have cross borders to plan and attack sites,” Smith told Reuters.  “Nowadays a lot of that stuff can happen on the Internet, they can give instructions, they can coordinate, they can recruit through these jihadi Web sites.”

“The UN’s new counter-terrorism chief would have been more accurate had he said, the enemy is already crossing the now barely there US border and recruiting happily on the Internet.

  “Smith, 58, formerly Australia’s counter-terrorism ambassador, takes over at the UN from Spain’s Javier Ruperez and said he would like the world body to lead a global awareness campaign against Internet-aided militancy, using school education and UN agencies like UNESCO.

  “Problem is it still takes 1,000 UN diplomats to change an Al Gore-ordered, compact fluorescent single light bulb.

  “Business takes a long time getting done at Turtle Bay even when they’re not in the middle of an office move.

  “John Bolton, the only recent man capable of cutting through endless layers of UN bureaucracy and red tape was sent packing.

  “The point is that while the hapless UN crowd would be out there striking yet another endless committee, the Jihadists would be enjoying their field day.

  “In fact, journalist Claudia Rosett, the closest thing to an antidote to UN chicanery, is warning “Bloggers Beware”  because “The UN internet grab continues—right now in Rio”.

“UN savvy Rosett is talking about the “current pow-wow in Brazil”, “the work of the UN-based Internet Governance Forum (IGF), which—with a secretariat now entrenched in an office at the UN’s palatial (BMW-rich) complex in Geneva—has been following up on the UN’s second World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).  That internet summit, as you might recall, was held in November, 2005 in internet-censoring Tunisia—initial sponsor in 1998 of this UN bid to cash in on the web.

  “Big on the agenda is the UN-based campaign to take away control of the Internet from the U.S.,” says Rosett.  “The aim, now that U.S. freedoms and resulting creativity (not Al Gore, his own claims notwithstanding) have brought mankind this marvelous gift of the internet, is to confiscate management of the World Wide web and turn it over to the same grand conclave of UN potentates whose members include the web-censoring likes of dissident-jailing China, monk-murdering Burma, terrorist-sponsoring bomb-making Iran, and 2008 members-elect of the Security Council, Libya and Vietnam.

  “As Rosett points out some sunscreen-toting 1,000 participants are down in Rio attending proceedings, “bankrolled by yet another of those murky special UN extra-budgetary trust funds”.  The gaggle of conference attendees come complete with a UN media team and between sips of pina coladas are broadcasting live from their own link. here.

  “And the beachside UN IGF internet-grab agenda is only this year’s cold-months break. 

  “Coming up next on the internet-grab agenda—complete with per diems for the UN support staff and power plays for the despotic governments of the planet: a 2008 meeting in India, 2009 in Egypt…and beyond.

  “Al Qaeda and other internet-surfing terrorists would have a halal feast the day the Internet comes under the control of the stupidos at the UN, who have lost everything from the black boxes of downed aircraft to vials of deadly poison right under their very noses in the capacious offices they call home. (CFP)

  “If terrorists online justify a UN takeover of the Internet, better a team of 13-year-old computer geeks calling themselves “Findingthebadguys.com.

   “As Claudia Rosett says, “Enjoy the freedom of the internet while we’ve still got it’.”

While the UN grab of the Internet goes down, those who helped make it happen, including Climate Change harbingers Al Gore and his sidekick Canadian UN Poster Boy Maurice Strong are safe in hiding.

Meanwhile everyday people of the nations of the world unite: Obama is about to rob you of your most useful form of communication.  Your world will go dark and silent overnight without the Internet.

Editor’s Note: Fox News, of all places, is already playing down the UN about to take over the Worldwide Internet story, claiming——had to give up its authority because nations, including rogue ones no longer trust the US because of NSA spying.

Then again, Fox News Corp. is home base for Bill O’Reilly who claims Obama is “not a bad guy” and a “patriot”.

See Fox story: US plans to give up oversight of web domain manager


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