Convinced that all of her many lies will remain under a rug that no one, including the FBI seems willing to look under, Clinton continues with whoppers in paid speeches, belching borscht and vodka at everyone within spitting distance

Hillary Belches Borscht and Vodka in “1000 Russian” whopper

By —— Bio and Archives--June 2, 2017

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The timing of truth really is everything:

Just as WBEN radio talk show host Tom Bauerle stepped forward on Canada Free Press (CFP), warning President Donald Trump about the method Shadow Government operatives are using to spy on and wiretap him, Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit was bursting into telltale flames over in Silicon Valley.

Bauerle, smeared as “erratic” and “crazy”,  all for catching the spies who have been keeping him under surveillance since 2013, showed signature spunk in coming forward a second time about how the spy technology of cloaking works on its unsuspecting victims: “I know because it happened to me, and I’m risking my job and perhaps even my life by giving you this heads up,” he wrote in an open letter to President Trump yesterday.

They smeared me as “crazy” when I discovered I was being spied on right from my own backyard, neighborhood, my girlfriend’s house and possibly everywhere. They smear you as unstable and unfit for office for saying you were “wiretapped”.

Bauerle, as CFP can willingly attest, is telling the truth.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, as the Internet can unwittingly attest, continues to add to her mountain of monstrous lies.

Clinton, who spoke to Recode founders Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher in Silicon Valley yesterday set her own pantsuit on fire with over-the-top whoppers.

Her latest whopper?

“1,000 Russian agents” were working every day to make sure that distorted “content” was appearing before internet users to lose her the election.

Russian agents hired by her opponent, now President,  Donald Trump.

Clinton did not cite her source for the claim.” (Lifezette, May 31, 2017)

Clinton did not cite her source for the claim because Hillary Rodham Clinton is the one and only source for the claim.

“Clinton took the opportunity to blame numerous players for her Nov. 8 election defeat, and also to justify her use of the term “vast right-wing conspiracy” all the way back in 1998. The “conspiracy” against her, she suggested, is still alive. (Lifezette)

And most inconveniently for you, Mrs. Clinton, so are the aforementioned Tom Bauerle and former White House Travel Chef Tracy Martin who know what you’re all about.

Bauerle interviewed Martin—while he was still under surveillance—on his July 26, popular WBEN radio show.  (July 27, 2016 WBEN Radio Clip, Follow up August 4, 2016 Interview )

Martin had confirmed that the real Hillary Clinton, who frequently uses the “N”-word,  has no use for our black brothers and sisters when there are no cameras around. His phone was hacked and his home broken into two days after the Bauerle show.

“The Russians … could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they had been … guided by Americans. And guided by people who had polling and data and information.” (Lifezette)

“Clinton blamed propaganda and “content” that was used by President Donald Trump’s campaign and allies to influence voters in a covert type of manner.

“Clinton blamed “the other side” for using “content farms” and fake news to target her.

“While Clinton told Mossberg and Swisher she did not engage in lies during her campaign, she said Trump’s side did.”

The Benghazi lie blaming an obscure anti-Muslim video and not terrorism ignored by a Clinton-headed state department in order to get Barack Obama re-elected in 2012, remained under the rug under which it was swept during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Convinced that all of her many lies will remain under a rug that no one, including the FBI seems willing to look under, Clinton continues with whoppers in paid speeches, belching borscht and vodka at everyone within spitting distance.

Borscht and vodka belching don’t frighten off Tom Bauerle,  who wrote about his CFP story on the Bauerle and Bellavia Facebook page yesterday:

BEGGING. PLEASE HELP ME MAKE THIS GO VIRAL. This is, by far, the most important piece I have ever written, ever, and I hope someone out there has the juice to get it directly to the president, for his and the nation’s good.

“Feel free to bombard Drudge, Newsmax, World Net Daily, The NY Times with this.

“That way, it should get Mr. Trump’s attention. I am walking into a shi*storm by writing and posting this, but you and the people of the USA need to know the truth. And I am used to shi*storms. I’ve prevailed every time. TB”

Your lies are coming to get you Hillary and with Tom Bauerle still on your whopper trail, there’s nowhere for you to run and nowhere to hide.

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