It is not that Donald Trump “would not accept the election results if he lost”, but that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the rest of the demented Dems did lose—but REFUSE to accept reality

Hillary’s “One Last Run” wishful MSM Thinking

By —— Bio and Archives--July 9, 2018

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Hillary’s One Last Run wishful MSM Thinking
In her colossal and incessant embitterment, the only way for Hillary Clinton to be president is to run for president.  That way she’ll have more than two years for the media and progressive mobs to address her as “Madam President” all the way up to the 2020 presidential race.

And it’s safe to predict that many of them will—because it’s already started.

Picture Hillary Clinton on Sunday leaving the Drudge Report up on her computer screen so that she could return to it all day between celebratory sips of Chardonnay to see her picture under the Drudge headline: ‘One Last Run?!’


Here she was where she’s always been: in your face running for president and the picture of her left up all day long on the Drudge report was proof!

For her, how much better than all those viral videos of her after slipping and sliding!  How much better than the recent photos depicting her wearing what many thought was a back brace!

How ironic that Drudge, the New York Post, Fox News, et al picked up and ran with a rumor many didn’t want to hear from former Obama voter, and New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin’s op-ed hinting broadly that he thinks Hillary is “definitely up to something”.

The masses counter back that Hillary is ALWAYS “definitely up to something!”

Clinton’s 2020 presidential campaign slogan will make use of the meme that she’s rescuing desperate Democrats from the Socialists taking over the party.

Watch her mainstream and social media publicity ratchet up now that she’s posing as the party’s only savior.

The only expletive that fits here is Charlie Brown’s “Good grief!”

“Does Hillary Clinton think the third time could be a charm for 2020?” host Pete Hegseth asked. “In an op-ed, New York Post columnist and former Obama voter Michael Goodwin thinks she is definitely up to something.” (NY Post, JULY 7, 2018)

“The messages convey a sense of urgency, and are coming with increasing frequency. They are short, focused reactions to the latest “outrage” committed by President Trump.

“Some end by asking for money, some urge participation in protests. All read as if they are sent from the official headquarters of the resistance.

“Five times in the last month alone, she sent e-mails touting her super PAC’s role in combating President Trump.

“Under the message line, “horrific,” she wrote June 18: “This is a moral and humanitarian crisis. Everyone of us who has ever held a child in their arms, and every human being with a sense of compassion and decency should be outraged.” She said she warned about Trump’s immigration policies during the 2016 campaign.”

How can someone on the record for stating that babies in the womb have no civil rights count herself in as “everyone of us who has ever held a child in their arms” and get away with it?

Back to Michael ‘Cassandra’ Goodwin over at the New York Post:

“Three days later, she was back again, saying that her group, Onward Together, raised $1 million and would split it among organizations working to change border policy, including the American Civil Liberties Union and a gaggle of immigrant, refugee, Latino and women’s groups.

“And the day after Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, Clinton introduced a newly minted resistance partner. Called Demand Justice, it promises to protect “reproductive rights, voting rights and access to health care” by keeping Senate Democrats united in opposing any conservative Trump nominee.



“The instant, in-house nature of Demand Justice was reflected by the name of its executive director: Brian Fallon, Clinton’s campaign press secretary.

“In truth, Fallon’s role doesn’t tell us something we didn’t know. Onward Together, formed in May of 2017, is a Clinton 2020 campaign vehicle in waiting.
Its homepage says the group “is dedicated to advancing the vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election.”

“Advancing the vision? More like advancing the candidate who collected those votes despite not having a vision.”

“Not having a vision?”

How about not having enough votes to be president, but acting as though she did anyway?

And then there’s this bit of Goodwin wisdom:

“Not long ago, I told a group of friends, all liberal Dems, that I believed she was keeping open the possibility of a rematch against Trump, and might already have decided to run.

“It was unanimous — they were horrified. “I would not give her a single cent,” one man, formerly a big donor to Clinton, said emphatically.

“Their reasons are no surprise: Her moment has passed, she was a terrible candidate and her endless claims of victimhood are tiring rather than inspiring. It’s time to find new blood.


“Those assessments are unassailable, and certainly are shared by the 20 or so Dems lining up to take their shot at the nomination.

“Moreover, there isn’t any clamoring for another Clinton run in Hollywood or other leftist hotbeds. They want a new blockbuster, not a sequel to failure.

“So she’s toast, right? Maybe.

“Here’s how I believe she sees the playing field, and why she can’t be ignored.

“First, because there’s no clear front-runner for the nomination 18 months into Trump’s presidency, Clinton remains the closest thing to an incumbent. She’s also got numerous advantages, from name recognition to campaign experience to an off-the-shelf Cabinet, that could give her a head start.

“Second, a crowded, diverse field diminishes the chances of anyone knocking her off. Recall how Trump outlasted 16 GOP rivals by having a committed core of supporters that grew as the field shrunk. Clinton could be in a similar position — unpopular among many, but also unbeatable by a single opponent.”

Goodwin could have but didn’t add to the list that Hillary is counting on the MSM and social media drowning out all opposition on the Internet by ensuring warnings from conservative news sites are impossible to find.

“…Remember way back, when Dems warned Donald Trump would not accept the election results if he lost? Well …”

Well, Mr. Goodwin,  it is not that Donald Trump “would not accept the election results if he lost”, but that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the rest of the demented Dems did lose—but REFUSE to accept reality.



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