The Republican Party Must Apologize for Supporting Slavery

Historical Embarrassment

By —— Bio and Archives--August 30, 2008

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In a letter to the editor of the Canada Free Press…


The Republican Party Must Apologize for Supporting Slavery

by Brother X

It is a documented fact that the Republican Party before and during the Civil War supported and benefited from slavery. As a matter of fact, the Republican Party was started for the express purpose of defending slavery and holding down black people.

Documented… where?

It is also a matter of record that the Ku Klux Klan was started by Republicans after the Civil War to terrorize and murder black and white Democrats in the South. All the white Democrats, before and after the Civil War, were sympathetic to the cause of abolition of slavery and of civil rights for blacks, therefore racist Republicans had no use for them.

Brother X’s teachers should be fired.

The Republicans have historically been bitter opponents of the following:

· The 13th Amendment that abolished slavery in 1865
· The 1866 Civil Rights Act
· The First Reconstruction Act of 1867
· The 14th Amendment in 1868 that made all persons born in the U.S., including former slaves, U.S. citizens.
· The 15th Amendment in 1870 that give every citizen the right to vote
· The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 which was to stop Republican Klansmen to terrorized white and black Democrats
· The 1875 Civil Rights Act
· The 1957 Civil Rights Act
· The 1964 Civil Rights Act
· The 1965 Voters Rights Act

What’s sad is that Brother X is so embarrassingly ignorant of history, and even if confronted with the facts, he’d still not believe it because he wants to. Maybe that’s why he goes by an alias.

Oh, and Brother X, if what you say is true, can you explain why the Democratic Party’s own website leaves all your “facts” out?

In every case, the white Republicans in the Senate, especially Senator Everett Dirksen, and the House of Representatives fought passage of these laws in every turn as well as being compelled to give up their slaves after the Civil War. The Democratic leadership, especially Senator Robert Byrd who has always despised the Ku Klux Klan and who discouraged white Americans from joining that gang, fought very hard to have those laws passed.

The Republicans have also opposed every Democratic anti-lynching bill to their shame. The Democrats have always been opposed to lynchings for decades.

I don’t know how much more embarrassed I can be for one misguided, duped, bamboozled young person.

For this reason, we black people not only deserve an apology for the Republican Party but even reparations from it since it supported and benefited from slavery as well as supporting KKK terror, racism, etc. The Civil Rights movement started because of the majority white racist Republican power structure in the South.

We must be very loud and demand that John McCain and the other white racist Republicans own up to the truth of its sorid and bloody history and give black Americans satisfaction for the damage this party has done to us for over 150 years. We need the support of Barack Obama and of the Democratic Party to join us in making these demands.

Brother X, I really hope you get Barack Obama to capitalize on your wisdom.

I really do.


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