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House Dems Offer Resolution To Censure Trump Over Charlottesville Remarks

By -- HotAir —— Bio and Archives--August 17, 2017

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A clever play to exploit the tensions between Trump and the congressional GOP as the media floods the zone about Trump’s press conference. Reporters will descend on House Republicans to ask them if they think a censure is in order. If they say yes, the pro-Trump Republican base will go berserk. If they say no, Democrats will cite it as “proof” that Republicans agree with him about the alt-right.

The odds of a formal censure must be south of 10 percent, although let’s see what polling on presidential job approval looks like next week. It ain’t good now, but next week probably won’t be much different. Probably. In any case, if something did pass the House, it wouldn’t read anything like Jerrold Nadler’s fantasy here:—More…

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