LOL! If they weren’t “sneaking out of town” and “looking stupid”, then what were they doing?

How A Fool Doesn’t Really Need Help In Making Herself Look Like One

By —— Bio and Archives--January 21, 2019

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How A Fool Doesn’t Really Need Help In Making Herself Look Like One
For once—just once—in two years the progressive cabal is half right in blaming President Donald Trump for something:

“President Trump made Democrats “look like fools” last week when when he denied military aircraft to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for an overseas trip after she suggested he delay the State of the Union address until the partial government is over, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews admitted on his show last week.” (Fox News, Jan. 21, 2019)


That’s like saying that Pelosi decided to go AWOL with 90-something Democrats—and their relatives—imposing another week on 800,000 federal employees working without pay, on the president.

Who exactly was it who decided to fly the coop and get out of Dodge for awhile, Pelosi or the president?

A rhetorical question, for sure!

And now for the half-right assertion:

It was Nancy Pelosi and not Donald Trump who made Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats “look like fools,” Mr. Matthews.

They’ve been “looking like fools” ever since Election Night 2016, refusing to accept the loss of Hillary Rodham Clinton to Trump and even before that.

The Democrats have been “looking like fools” by counting on a “resistance” led by screaming meemies in a women’s march that puts at least half of the country off.

The Democrats have been “looking like fools”  with video proof that prove they were all saying the same thing about immigration reform that the president is now saying—only because getting rid of him has now become more important than saving their own citizenry from being overwhelmed by illegal border crossers.

The God Almighty truth is that the Democrats were “looking like fools” long before Trump came along and rightly upended the Democrats’ decades-long 3-ring circus.

“[Democrats] were in the bus heading to Joint Base (Andrews),” Matthews fumed to the panel on his program, “Hardball.” “He made them look like fools sitting in the Capitol in the driveway, basically trying to figure out what’s coming next. He caught them in the act as if they were sneaking out of town and made them look stupid.” (Fox News)

“Matthews, who is typically critical of the president, then characterized the move as a “political dirty trick” on the part of Trump.”

LOL!  If they weren’t “sneaking out of town” and “looking stupid”, then what were they doing?

They were caught red-handed, even with the entire mainstream and social media on their side.

Matthews had Ben Rhodes on his show for emotional support:

“Ben Rhodes, an MSNBC analyst who served in the Obama administration, chimed in: “I’m trying to imagine the discussion in the White House where they decide, ‘Oh, we have to get Pelosi back for what she did,’ and someone is scouring the schedule and somehow thinks it’s a good idea to embarrass the speaker of the House and to deny our troops that expression of support from the third-ranking person in line to the presidency in our system.”(Fox News)


Shouldn’t you be watching your conspiracy theories, Mr. Rhodes?

“Rhodes said the tit-for-tat sent a “horrible message” to the world, which he surmised was collectively thinking: “What’s going on in the United States of America?” (Fox News)

“Matthews said the trip was “hardly a pleasure trip for the Paris Air Show or something like that” since her congressional delegation wasn’t “bringing their spouses with them.”

“What’s going on in the United States of America”, Mr. Rhodes is that the Democrats have refused to live in reality since Nov. 8, 2016.

“Matthews then told David Jolly, a former GOP congressman who served during the Obama years: “Congress seems to have lost some of its class since you’ve been there. I don’t know what to make of this.” (Fox News)

“Jolly responded: “There comes a point in which… voters look at Washington and say they’re all a bunch of children, they’re behaving like idiots. I think this is that week.”


Jolly got that right because that’s exactly how voters are looking at Washington these days.

Writing for American Thinker, Clarice Feldman sums up the Democrats “making fools of themselves” perfectly:

“While she might have thought otherwise, the power of the commander-in-chief is far greater than that of the speaker of the House, and the humiliating way this was brought home to the congressional equivalent of Maerose Prizzi (h/t Michael Walsh) was something. She anticipated that she and her posse of cronies and their families (reports of a ninety-some entourage in all) would hop a military plane for a free trip to Brussels, Afghanistan, and Egypt, doubtless with fawning media coverage, leaving the president to sit alone in the White House hoping fruitlessly they’d toddle in there to negotiate an end to the shutdown. Reports vary as to whether she was on the tarmac or on her way there when the president cancelled the flight as incompatible during a shutdown when federal workers were not being paid and illegal aliens were continuing to invade. 


“The president twisted the knife, suggesting she was free to fly commercial, which served as a reminder of the enormous tab she ran up on such flights the last time she was speaker. She thought she had the upper hand in this. She learned she certainly didn’t, and was last seen at Reagan Airport, with one aide and a single security agent, heading out of town to somewhere on a commercial flight. The president cancelled his own trip to Davos and required other similar travel on military airplanes be made only at the approval of the secretary of defense until there is a budget he can sign that provides for a secure border barrier.”

The bottom line here is that President Donald Trump won this round, gave the Democrats enough rope, and can now ask:  “NEXT?”


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