From the public at large comes a cry getting louder by day: "IMPEACH THE MEDIA!"

How Is The Media Demanding Trump Impeachment 'NEWS'?

By —— Bio and Archives--December 10, 2018

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How Is The Media Demanding Trump Impeachment 'NEWS'?
Grabien News headline, picked up by and posted as cover on the Weekend Drudge Report: ‘Media Demand Trump Impeachment Following Cohen Sentencing Filing.’

Grabien News subhead: ‘Democracy is at stake’ if Dems don’t pursue impeachment’.

In the name of honesty, how is the media demanding Trump Impeachment ‘NEWS’?


The truth is that the mainstream and social media have been loudly “demanding Trump Impeachment” ever since Election 2016 and long before the Cohen Sentencing Filing.

Make that roughly 96 percent of the mainstream and social media!

The running dog media of the Democrat Party has been calling for the Impeachment of President Donald Trump in thousands of different ways for more than 2 years now.

They have complicity carried every Impeach Screech from Maxine Waters and now stand loyally by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for when she amplifies the Impeach Screech on Jan. 3, 2019.

Just who do Grabien News and Drudge think they’re fooling?

“No sooner had prosecutors in the Southern District of New York filed sentencing recommendations against Michael Cohen than were members of the media calling on Democratic lawmakers to impeach President Trump. (Grabien News, Dec. 9, 2018)

“The filings charge that President Trump directed Cohen to make hush payments to Stormy Daniels in a bid to buy her silence about an affair. Many in the media are contending that this would amount to Trump orchestrating a violation of campaign finance laws, and that, as a consequence, he can and should be impeached.

“MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Eddie Glaude Jr., and Ali Velshi have all suggested Trump should be impeached. On CNN, Carl Bernstein and Watergate attorney John Dean also called for Trump’s impeachment. The Boston Herald’s Kimberly Atkins is calling for impeachment, too.

“On MSNBC, host Lawrence O’Donnell said flat out that Trump “must be impeached.”

“Will Donald Trump be the only president in history accused by federal prosecutors of committing federal crimes who does not then face impeachment for those crimes?” O’Donnell asked. “Congress moved to impeach Richard Nixon when the special prosecutor described his crimes. The House of Representatives moved to impeach and did in fact impeach Bill Clinton when the special prosecutors showed that he committed perjury in that civil case involving Paula Jones.”

“The host then added: “And so if history means anything in the Trump era, if precedent means anything in the Trump era, Donald Trump will be, must be impeached because of the crimes prosecutors say he committed in the Michael Cohen case.”

“MSNBC’s Velshi likewise urged a Democratic congressman—Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas)—to impeach Trump.

“Velshi said the filing described “the harm done to democracy” of Cohen’s behavior and “that Congress has specifically worked to protect Americans from rich people buying the silence of other people in the influence of an election.” He then asked, suggestively, “Are you in a position to consider discussing impeachment in Congress?”

“Rep. Castro said that yes, he is open to pursuing impeachment charges.

“Nobody runs for the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate because they want to go impeach a president, and I think that people are sobered by that thought,” Castro said. “That is the most serious thing that you could undertake in American democracy…but when the evidence becomes so clear that you very likely have a criminal sitting in the Oval Office, what is the American Congress left to do at that point.”


“Nobody runs for the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate because they want to go impeach a president”, should be categorized as Fake News 101.

All of the above is only a recent sample of the squawking “Impeach him!” media which just happens to coincide with Democrat politicians saying the same thing.

When media scribes look into their mirrors these days they must see impeach obsessed Democrats, and vice versa.

Dem Rep Adam Schiff, (D-CA),  likely to be the next chairman of the House Intelligence Committee,  was drooling with delight when he stated on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ on Sunday that “Trump may face a ‘real prospect of jail time’.

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” likely incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said if President Donald Trump did direct his lawyer Michael Cohen to commit federal campaign finance felonies by paying off women Trump has extramarital relationships with not only was it a “massive fraud,” but it is also likely an impeachable offense.”

“Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested Democrats, who take power in the House next month, should not wait to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump because “we have far surpassed” the “standard” that the Republican Party used to impeach former President Bill Clinton.” (Washington Examiner, Dec. 3, 2018)

But what about the media largely ignored campaign finance violations of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

“If we are to treat campaign finance reporting violations as grave offenses, the first person in the dock ought to be Hillary Clinton—not Donald Trump. (Breitbart, Dec. 9, 2018)

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing memorandum for Michael Cohen on Friday repeated claims that Cohen violated campaign finance rules at the direction of then-candidate Donald Trump.

“It is not clear, however, that Trump broke the law.

“First of all, the payment of “hush money”—the key issue—had a personal purpose quite separate from the campaign.

“And as Alan Dershowitz noted when the claims first surfaced, “if Cohen was merely acting as a lawyer for Trump and advancing the payments, with an expectation of repayment, then it would be hard to find a campaign finance crime other than failure to report by the campaign.” He added: “Failure to report all campaign contributions is fairly common in political campaigns in the United States.”


“Moreover, it is a matter of public record that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) paid Fusion GPS via an intermediary, the Perkins Coie law firm, to conduct opposition research on Trump—which became the dubious Russia “dossier,” which led to the FBI investigation of Trump’s aides.

“Furthermore, the Clinton campaign and the DNC falsely reported their expenditures to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) as “legal services.” The amount of money was in the range of several millions of dollars—more than ten times the $280,000 that Trump is alleged to have paid to women claiming to be his mistresses.

“Prosecutors can claim all they want that they are applying the law equally, but if they only apply it to half the suspects, justice is not served. Mr. Mueller seems blind to the national need for—the basic expectation of—a thorough look into all parties.”

Mueller is not the only one who is blind. The media and the Democrats are deliberately creating a double standard for one reason: to oust Trump—for a likely non-crime, unrelated to Russia “collusion.”

From the public at large comes a cry getting louder by day: “IMPEACH THE MEDIA!”


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