Hungary Passes ‘Stop Soros’ Laws to Criminalize Giving Aid to Illegal Immigrants

By -- TownHall—— Bio and Archives--June 24, 2018

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On Wednesday, the Hungarian parliament passed a series of laws that criminalize giving certain types of assistance to illegal immigrants. In the aftermath of the laws’ passage, liberal NGOs and human rights groups denounced the legal package – known informally as the ‘Stop Soros’ law – as an authoritarian measure that would make Hungary guilty of “persecuting” migrants, asylum seekers, and the groups that help them.

Amnesty International Europe Director Gauri van Gulik was especially incensed by the new laws, characterizing them as “a brazen attack on people seeking safe haven from persecution and those who carry out admirable work to help them” and further pledging to “resist” the laws “every step of the way.”—More..



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