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By —— Bio and Archives--September 29, 2018

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I saw a news cast on TV sometime ago that turned my stomach. It showed ruffians, like the usual professional demonstrator types, beating up a homeless man to a pulp, while others stood by gaping and doing nothing to stop it.

I was hoping I’d never see another situation to affect me the same way as that one did; but it happened this past week, witnessing the Democrat judicial council members beating up on Judge Brett Kavanaugh in a similar vicious way, in front of his family, while a key member from the opposing side is debating whether to join the Democrat fray.

Meanwhile, the usual bias, anti Trump media joined in a chorus, to criticize him for defending himself and his family, accusing him of the tactics they alone use.

An asterisk with the word democrats should be a footnote defining hypocrisy.


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George Giftos is a retired travel agency executive, in management for agencies by Fugazy World Travel, U.S. Industries, Carlson Companies.
George is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

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