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George Giftos is a retired travel agency executive, in management for agencies by Fugazy World Travel, U.S. Industries, Carlson Companies. George is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

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Dec 7, 2018 — George Giftos

I read the opinion piece from Catherine Lucey and Zeke Miller from the Associate Press, published in the South Florida Sun Sentinel. It inferred President Donald Trump stands outside the presidents club.

With the passing of former President George H.W. Bush, it has ceased to be a club, but a group of mediocre ex-presidents turned into a clique when the banter among them ended, to turn a cold shoulder on President Donald Trump and wife Melania, when they arrived to pay tribute to him.

The graciousness of the man they came to honor was not reflected in their behavior toward our president, of the United States of America.

HYPOCRISY *Democrats

Sep 29, 2018 — George Giftos

I saw a news cast on TV sometime ago that turned my stomach. It showed ruffians, like the usual professional demonstrator types, beating up a homeless man to a pulp, while others stood by gaping and doing nothing to stop it.

I was hoping I’d never see another situation to affect me the same way as that one did; but it happened this past week, witnessing the Democrat judicial council members beating up on Judge Brett Kavanaugh in a similar vicious way, in front of his family, while a key member from the opposing side is debating whether to join the Democrat fray.

Meanwhile, the usual bias, anti Trump media joined in a chorus, to criticize him for defending himself and his family, accusing him of the tactics they alone use.

An asterisk with the word democrats should be a footnote defining hypocrisy.

Just when we think Democrats can’t be more pathetic

Sep 17, 2018 — George Giftos

Just when we think Democrats can’t be more pathetic, they come up with another fictitious dirty trick…Borking

Brett Kavanaugh, renowned jurist/Christine Blasey Ford, me too anti Trump resistance activist, far left California liberal professor…Deja Vu…Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill.

Almost every normal male teenager peeking puberty, encounters urges that sometimes are put to a test at how much curiosity he can get away with. It is an awkward period of experimentation by both sexes that seldom leads to serious consequences.

I don’t know if the claim from this professor occurred, but it should be viewed with skepticism, considering the time frame it occurred and when presented.

Good Is Bad For The Country

Sep 2, 2018 — George Giftos

You can tell what the new Democrats are about by whom they revere.

It can’t be comforting for the old guard liberals.

Since the tables were turned in the 2016 presidential election, a breed of sickos with a John Wilkes Booth syndrome, have become part of the political scene, with designs to obliterate our President.

His successes in a robust economy, job creation, new respect for our foreign policy and revised trade agreements fairer to us, among other bulls eyes, has the Democrats in a frazzle, altering their attack on the premise that good is bad for the country.

With no proof of President Trump collaborating with Russia in the election, they are using the highly partisan Mueller investigation as a distraction, to put the Trump administration off its game, clearing a path for a blue wave in the mid-term Congressional election.

I do not recommend disbanding the Mueller court if the Republicans are successful in maintaining a majority in both houses, but instead, change course and rejuvenate the criminal investigation on the Clintons that former FBI director James Comey dropped the ball on, but not without replacing the loaded board of Clinton lackey lawyers

When is a Fable Not a Fable?

Aug 10, 2018 — George Giftos

Many children’s fables equate in a metaphoric way; applied to every day personal, public and political happenings.

The mainstream media is “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” translating into fake news. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller has become the big bad wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood”, hoping to trap the President in his witch hunt, to devour him without justification.

Two of the “Three Little Pigs” reflect millennial life styles, ending up living in the third one’s cellar, because they don’t believe all work and no play makes jack. They don’t have a pot to go in but never cease to demand.

See how many of Aesop’s Fables in attachment below, you can apply by how you perceive some events of the day.

Aesop’s Fables - Online Collection

Political correctness and double standards will be the fall of America

Jun 17, 2018 — George Giftos

When I tuned in on today’s Washington press briefing, I thought Sarah Saunders fell into a shark tank during a feeding frenzy. A reporter from Playboy Magazine, Brian Karem, following the usual bias of CNN’s Jim Acosta, went ballistic over her response of following the law involving the separation of children from the adults accompanying them at the border, who are illegal intruders.

The Purveyors of Fake Diplomacy

May 15, 2018 — George Giftos

The Schumer, Pelosi. never Trump combine is seething with anguish, that instead of a crisis or nuclear war, President Trump’s strategy spurred dialogue between Little Rocket Man and his administration. Inducing him to refrain from nuclear and missile testing while engaged in dialogue, and the releasing of three American hostages.

This combine fears a successful conclusion will have the same effect, by pulling out of the disastrous Iranian Nuclear Accord that did little to keep the region nuclear free and the world safe.

Retaining the accord is to protect the investments for its subscribers, plus Barack Obama’s and John Kerry’s legacy.

President Trump’s administration is like cherry blossoms blooming in Washington after all the weeds sown by Obama have been up-rooted; sending Michelle back packing to not feeling really proud of her country again.

The President’s successful start has also dispersed vitriolic rhetoric from Hillary Clinton’s vineyard of sour grapes.

For a man that’s doing everything wrong, President Trump is accomplishing a lot

Apr 29, 2018 — George Giftos

I worked this one over in hope you will use it. It’s one I’d like to get out because the subject because the subject matter is so vital.

It is difficult for some people to comprehend and accept the fact we no longer have a president that behaved like the 98 lb. weakling, in the Oval Office, who allowed bullies to kick sand into America’s face without consequences.

The real criminal collusion has the Clinton label

Apr 4, 2018 — George Giftos

The hysterical frenzy on the left for losing the election has not subsided, as evident with the continual maliciousness voiced by irresponsible elected officials, that feeds into the disgustingly crude liberal hyperbole. No question about it, there is no love lost between them, the mainstream media and President Trump.


Feb 23, 2018 — George Giftos

When a person or entity tends to disrupt, subvert, impair or undermine the function of government, it falls under a fine line between freedom of speech and treason.

There are elements in the Democratic party, who through their actions and rhetoric, are sabotaging the efforts of our lawful elected President and the war against the American people, who elected him into that office.

This is a first step toward overthrowing a government when the rights of their opposition, the Constitution and the freedom of thought is manacled by political correctness for not conforming to their dogmatic liberalism.

Illegal is not Legal

Feb 9, 2018 — George Giftos

If I were still a Democrat I’d be hanging my head in shame,  witnessing the behavior of those who have taken up the baton, to lead the party of FDR and HST. Their post Civil War mien of lynching and KKK has been replaced by a disingenuous concern for their constituents, with unfulfilled promises designed for their vote.

The latest attempt is to target the intruders who have entered our country illegally, disregarding law.

These elected officials have sworn to uphold the Constitution; but in their zeal, they are interpreting it emotionally rather than lawfully, and if this is not remedied, they must be removed from office. Allow me to clarify and differentiate between illegal and legal for them in a tongue in cheek parable.

Bad Day at Black Rock

Jan 7, 2018 — George Giftos

November 8, 2016 was a Bad Day at Black Rock for democrats.

It is likened to a classic 1955 movie starring Spencer Tracy, a one armed stranger who comes to a tiny town possessing a terrible past they want to keep hidden by violent means if necessary. In this case, the town is Washington, D.C. plagued by incompetency, weakness and deceit, and the stranger is Donald Trump.

When liberals can’t counter conservative debate, they resort to accusations of racism

Sep 24, 2017 — George Giftos

When liberals can’t counter conservative debate, they resort to their favorite groundless accusations of racism. They are beginning to realize using race as a means to shut down conservative free speech is diminishing and losing its effect, because of the continual abusive usage in this application.


Aug 23, 2017 — George Giftos

Sour grapes makes bitter wine. The country has been under siege by the Triple L’s…..... liberal lunatic left, since losing in 2016 and it is leaving a bad taste on the American palate, because it is dividing us further from where the last administration took us. Divide and conquer is a tactic used to defeat the enemy.

Yes! The traditional conservative American is their enemy and they will stoop to any means to destroy the backbone of American culture with their interpretation of what it should be.

The Triple L cult has created a dangerous precedent adapted from ISIS, who have destroyed ancient artifacts in Palmyra, Syria and in many locations in Iraq, by applying this insanity in destroying or removing any history that doesn’t suit them.

Protesting has transformed into mob battles, where destroying property is acceptable and accusatory words like racist and bigot are wrongly tossed about and labeled on their adversaries that become meaningless, not holding weight, to gain political one-upmanship.

The heinous acts by Triple L’s are corroborated by mainstream media in their bias reporting of facts that has come to be known as Fake News.

I Hate Okra!

Jul 31, 2017 — George Giftos

There is a strand of hate that is highly contagious, especially within a family. It is devastating when disagreements turn into a full blown feud. I treat any disagreement with disappointment, but never allow myself to be consumed by hate.

If there is hate in my soul, it is reserved toward okra, despots, stupidity, even within myself, or any evil that will purposely do harm. That person consumed in hate diminishes any fine attribute he or she may possess.

It is sad that some people need to be nourished with hate to exist. It became evident after the 2016 election, when some factions on the losing side refused to accept the constitutional results and responded with vitriol instead of constructive insight to the reason for the loss. Our country is our family. It is up to us whether we live in harmony or sibling rivalry; who gets more!

I have to admit that at times, I have to retain restraint, because some people exercise their First Amendment rights irresponsibly to the discomfort to others in attitude, appearance, mannerism, hygiene and other interactions that may be obnoxious.

Boomerang Tweets

Jul 24, 2017 — George Giftos

In spite of Donald Trump’s crass exhibitionism during the primaries, I voted for him when he became the Republican nominee because, what and whom the Democrats had to offer was unacceptable. I relied on his business acumen to carry him over the crocodile moat a/k/a the beltway swamp, to implement many of the things he promised that I am in agreement with.

It frustrated me to witness the obstructions the Democrats created to stymie all attempts for the new administration to get a government off the ground and rolling for the people.

The Wheel of Misfortune

Jul 14, 2017 — George Giftos

The Democrats are in dire straits after losing every majority position in the 2016 elections. They haven’t the foggiest idea why they lost, blaming it on the Russians and Trump brown nosing them.

They’ve been resorting to desperate means to support this unfounded theory, from reaching for straws to throwing darts at a board, marked with erroneous accusations to expand on their crusade, but neither have come to fruition, because they have failed the test to provide substantial reason to pursue their attacks.

Who’s Yehoodi?

Jun 23, 2017 — George Giftos

On the old Bob Hope radio shows, Jerry Colona created a catch phrase, Who’s Yehoodi? The response was, “The little man who wasn’t there!”

Yehoodi has reappeared as, “The unnamed anonymous sources,” created by the desperate democrats and adapted as the darling of the mainstream media.

You can be sure he is going to be a mainstay for the 2018 congressional election and the 2020 presidential election, because of his vast repertoire of lies and innuendos that have been widely utilized today, to cripple the present administration from draining the swamp and passing any serious legislation, amending or eliminating programs that are costly and haven’t worked in the past.

God forbid, if the country ever reverts to a socialistic pattern again, you won’t have to ask, Who’s Yehoodi? You’ll know!

A Different Frame Will Not Change the Appearance of a Repeated Subject

May 16, 2017 — George Giftos

Accumulating enormous wealth has ramifications in how it is acquired. We can assume no matter who ever possess it aren’t squeaky clean, due to the process in how whom one must deal with, to obtain it. It doesn’t mean they are all evil, but measured in how the wealth is used.

Long ago a man of good intent was brought forth to face the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem to defend himself, because He spoke of God and His influence was a threat to the power structure of various groups who controlled and counted on the ignorance of the people to maintain that position of power.

HGTV is one of my favorite viewing platforms on television

Apr 26, 2017 — George Giftos

HGTV is one of my favorite viewing platforms on television. I like seeing a property in dire condition, renovated into a livable and improved state.