Hypocritical to expect safety while not even providing necessities to do so

By -- Virginia Sparks—— Bio and Archives--October 7, 2017

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I see people writing about the responsibilities of government, one being to keep us safe and I agree. What has me scratching my head is that those same people fight tooth and nail against some of the measures that would keep us safe. There seems to be an attitude that government must do its job unless I don’t like it, then I can riot and protest and say nasty things.

We expect police to know when and where crimes will be committed but we deny them the information of who is in our country. We cry about the scourge of drugs and the resulting crime, yet we won’t close the border through which most drugs enter our country. We bemoan the gang related deaths in large cities like Chicago, yet we won’t do the most important thing we could do-enforce our immigration and drug laws for citizen and deport noncitizens arrested for those crimes.

It seems hypocritical to expect safety while not even providing government with the basic necessities to do so.

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Guest Column -- Virginia Sparks -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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